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Three Ways To Find Love In London, That Doesn’t Involve Apps…

July 1, 2018

Modern life has changed the dating game significantly from when I first dated at 15.  I used to find people at school or through friends.  Now everyone encourages you to go on dating apps but I find they just bring a gamification to the process and no one seems interested to move beyond being matched.  This year having started a new job, shedding an old skin that I didn’t even recognize as myself, I started to get back in the dating game.  I did try bumble for a minute but despite plenty of matches it only produced a handful of conversations and one date.  Then I found out that only 5% of relationships start through apps, they are coded predominantly by men and when there is money involved they want you to stay longer.  This makes perfect sense when you think about it, to not find your match for a while so that you pay and use the app for longer! So here are three ways I have put into practice to expand my dating pool in London.

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