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This Book Helped Me Read Again…

January 21, 2018

Jojo Mayes Paris for One and Other Stories

Fact. I love to read.  It is well known in my family and I remember throughout my childhood often getting into trouble for ‘eating books’.  When we were set a reading competition at school I read over 100 books in the time period to the disbelief of my parents who thought I had just written every book I owned on the sheet.  To the contrary, I had stayed up late every night reading, red the books under my desk at school and I was the girl reading on her walk home, not paying attention to the cars beeping their horns.  I was a kid, there wasn’t much more to do and I wasn’t interested in watching three hours of news programs with my parents!  They signed the competition form as long as I reduced the list to somewhere around 20 books.  I did.  I didn’t win.

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