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Changing My Skin Care Routine with Rationale Luminosity Index…

February 21, 2016

I’ve got a new and updated skincare post here and I am still using Rationale products!

When I was visiting family in Australia, relaxed and able to ponder life in the early hours having woken from jet lag I calculated lots of things, it is something I do when I am reflecting on my life.  How many years since I went to high school and met my first love (17).  How many years I’d spent in my current job (4.5).  How many days until my sister was able to drive us to the beach again (2)!  And then the one in particular struck me, how long since I had been using the same skincare routine (11 years).  Wow!  I was surprised by that and it prompted me to consider if I was really happy with what I was using, did it still work, was it addressing any new issues now that I was ageing?!  My routine was pretty simple in theory, a cleanser by Rationale used morning and night followed by a special moisturiser made by a compounding chemist only found in Australia.  All recommended and prescribed by a top dermatologist in Melbourne.  There was also meant to be a sunscreen but that had long gone by the wayside many years ago.  In the last few years I had added additional steps to counter the dryness of the London water including Aesop face masks and the pollution assault resulting in breakouts with antibiotic creams from the doctor.  Adding to this the ongoing need to request my mum or sister to organise the moisturiser and send it to London the whole process was now complicated and just not working.

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