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Cosy Indoor Outdoor Places in London…

March 4, 2019

London can be a fantastic place to visit but at this time of year the weather can be against you. Looking for lovely, cosy indoor places that still have access to outdoor light and a sense of space? I’ve often found rainy days in London make me want to hibernate but with a renewed sense of energy I discovered these places to share with you. Many of these locations have multiple rooms or stores to visit so you spend your entire day rainy day here.

Perfect for a group get together.

Picture of the entrance to the Victoria Market Halls with people walking back and forth past it.
Picture of the sandwich board outside the Hall Victoria saying now open for breakfast, lunch and dinner and drink
Picture of the inside of the Victoria Market Halls with glass roof and lots of people eating and drinking.

Victoria Market Halls. Perfect for a group catch up with friends the Victoria Market Halls stretch across two floors with a glass roof over the main stairwell. I’ve been here a couple of times with friends and it’s the perfect spot for a gathering of friends with different budgets. Once you secure a table everyone can pop to their preferred street food joint and order what they like. There is no pressure to have a drink and you can mix and match your food. Whilst it is quite busy after work during the day this is a great place to bring the laptop and work on your business or catch up with your friend who’s just become a parent!

A location that no one knows about.

Picture of the Wallace Museam glass roof and beautiful pastal pink brick walls with white trim.
Picture of the restaurant set up at the Wallace Museam.  Set as a fine dining area.
Picture of resturant at the Wallace Museam with the gold bar area and people having coffee.

The Wallace Collection. One of the Wallace families’ homes, Hertford House, displays the art collection that was brought together by four generations. Free to enter, each room has bright flocked wallpaper covered in a significant number of artworks. Some of the rooms have two or three of the same painting with slight variation by the artist. An old version of art prints! In the middle of the building is the glamourous, glass roofed restaurant. There are full size trees and the ceiling is over three stories high. I visited with a friend on a rainy day. We dropped our things into the cloak room to wander around all the rooms. Once we were peckish we had some lunch under the roof as we listened to the rain. The best bit was The Wallace Collection isn’t well known and a little bit of a walk from Baker Street Station which means it is quite empty and it is likely you will have the place to yourself.

Art for everybody.

Picture of the interior of the V&A museam gallary with glass roof.
Another V&A gallary filled with art work and statues and a glass roof.

Victoria and Albert Museam. My absolute favourite museum in London with over 140 rooms to explore. As you weave through the large Victorian building light streams in from various large windows and glass roofs. I have yet to see every room in the museum despite visiting regularly and you could easily lose a day here! There are also two cafes offering warm drinks, scones and cakes and more substantial foods. If you choose to become a member there is another cafe just for you under a glass top. The best bit about the museum is that you can access it from a tunnel connected to the underground so any bad weather can be avoided!

What are you favourite places to visit on a rainy day in London or your home town? I’d love to hear about it in the comments. PF xo

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The Secret Garden of Regent’s Park…

September 4, 2016

A few weeks ago I was on the tube eavesdropping on a fabulous couple who were dressed as if they had stepped out of the 1950’s.  She with her long skirt, red lips, curled hair and him with striped shirt, braces and oiled hair.  My ears pricked up when they mentioned their visit to a secret garden and a few moments later Regent’s Park.  I consider my knowledge of Regent’s Park to be top notch and this secret garden alluded me.  Familiar with the rose garden, the spot next to the tennis courts that the swans walk their babies and the perfect spot for a picnic near the open air theater I was up for the challenge of finding this garden.

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Getting Over A Temporary Fear of Flying…

March 5, 2016

Whilst some people have a fear of flying from early on that never seems to go away I have never experienced any problems.  I fly regularly for my work and with family living over 10,000miles away planes are the best options to see them again!  Like most people I have been on planes that have experienced turbulence or the shakes that remind me of a puppy dogs tummy when you tickle them.  However it was at the end of last year that a bad flight resulted in a fear of flying that had the potential to impact my personal life and my career.

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February Read – An Astronauts Guide to Life on Earth by Chris Hadfield…

February 28, 2016

Chris Hadfield An Astronauts Guide To Life On Earth

I was on a train a few weeks ago listening to a couple discuss the recent entry into space of British astronaut Tim Peake and subsequent discussion of how the Russians currently own the space program.  Having heard Chris Hadfield speak a few months ago I chimed in with a few things I had learnt about space to them and then they told me how Chris had a book An Astronauts Guide to Life on Earth*.  I had been so spellbound by his speech but for some reason it hadn’t occurred to me to see if he had any other literature out there, although I do remember looking him up on Instagram.  Don’t bother it doesn’t get updated!

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Changing My Skin Care Routine with Rationale Luminosity Index…

February 21, 2016

I’ve got a new and updated skincare post here and I am still using Rationale products!

When I was visiting family in Australia, relaxed and able to ponder life in the early hours having woken from jet lag I calculated lots of things, it is something I do when I am reflecting on my life.  How many years since I went to high school and met my first love (17).  How many years I’d spent in my current job (4.5).  How many days until my sister was able to drive us to the beach again (2)!  And then the one in particular struck me, how long since I had been using the same skincare routine (11 years).  Wow!  I was surprised by that and it prompted me to consider if I was really happy with what I was using, did it still work, was it addressing any new issues now that I was ageing?!  My routine was pretty simple in theory, a cleanser by Rationale used morning and night followed by a special moisturiser made by a compounding chemist only found in Australia.  All recommended and prescribed by a top dermatologist in Melbourne.  There was also meant to be a sunscreen but that had long gone by the wayside many years ago.  In the last few years I had added additional steps to counter the dryness of the London water including Aesop face masks and the pollution assault resulting in breakouts with antibiotic creams from the doctor.  Adding to this the ongoing need to request my mum or sister to organise the moisturiser and send it to London the whole process was now complicated and just not working.

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Hampstead Heath and Primrose Hill in pictures…

February 10, 2016

I spent a couple of afternoons walking through Hampstead Heath and over Primrose Hill recently enjoying my temporary new home.  The heath is huge and I have only navigated about a third of the area with plenty of walking paths, friendly dogs and runners.  It is a great place to get some fresh air in a busy and bustling London.

Enjoy my view…

PF xo