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Data.  All data collected complies with GDPR and I do not share any of this with any third parties.

Copyright.  All writing and photos from the inception of this blog is copyright of Ms Jessica P and protected.  Use of words or images without permission is forbidden and permission must be sought beforehand.  All agreed use must be credited correctly including on social media.  Equally if I have posted incorrectly please contact me immediately so we can rectify the issue.

Affiliates.  I am signed up with a variety of affiliate networks that pay me a small percentage of the sales price if you click through from my link.  This does not increase the cost to you and or influence my choices as I only post what I love.  In addition to complying with ASA guidelines, and CMA guidelines.  I clearly mark and disclose where I have used affiliate links including writing ‘AD’ and placing an asterisk* against a link.

Partnerships/Sponsorships.  Paid partnerships/sponsorships will always be clearly marked at the beginning of any post with ‘AD’.  I will only be pursuing partnerships with brands who will benefit the readers, fitting in within the Ms Jessica P brand.

Gifting.  Any items that are gifted will be clearly marked with AD – gifted.  Items shown will only be selected if they fit with the Ms Jessica P brand.

Why I use affiliate links and am open to partnerships/sponsorships.  It costs me approx. £250 to run this blog each year from the technical side with website name and hosting costs.  This doesn’t cover the time it takes to maintain and update the blog which I do in my own time.  I spend money going to events, reading books and travelling to share with you.  I hope to cover the technical costs of the blog.

Post and comments.  Ms Jessica P reserves the right to remove comments without notice.  Any comments that are considered unkind including racist, homophobia, deliberate antagonisation, use rude language or other wording will be removed.