Three More Things In My Flat That Just Make Sense…

November 23, 2020

After writing about my lockdown purchases I though I would share some things in my flat from pre lockdown that just make sense.

Timer Smart Plugs.

I have a bunch of Kasa Smart Plugs dotted around my flat with all my lamps connected to them.  The plugs are great as I can turn these lights on from my phone.  Particularly good as some are located in awkward positions!  However, the best function is the scheduling that has allowed me to set the lamps to come on and turn off at different times of the day.  As I sit here wirting the sun has gone down and three of my lamps have turned on.  Later around 10pm they will slowly switch off, a good signal to me to wind down for bed.  When I go to my bedroom the light in there will be on welcoming me in.  I can easily turn it off as there is a button on the front of the plug.  Depending on where you are in the world there might be a better option to these plugs and that smart power points.  It is not something readily available in the UK, but having the power point smart enabled reduces plastic waste and is more aesthetically pleasing.  This tech is changing fast, so I recommend doing some research first to find the best solution for you.

Automatic Lights.

Even before I was home as much as I am now in lockdown, I realised there were spaces in my flat that I would go into only for a minute or so that required lighting.  It was an effort and not always convenient, hello early morning wardrobe searching (!), to be turning on lights.  I found some rechargeable motion sensor lights that are perfect for these spaces.  Rechargeable is the way to go as I’ve had the battery ones before, and they really don’t last.  Plus, the horror of knowing batteries take over 100 years to biodegrade and then they leave behind a waster that we should all be ashamed of.  I’ve got a few of these dotted around the flat.  In the wardrobe, the laundry as I am often just dropping off something quickly and in my Monica closet that I dump things in for later.

Robot Vacuum.

Full disclosure this has been a purchase influenced by the lockdown but has always been in the back of my mind.  The cost of robot vacuums has decreased significantly in the past year and their tech abilities have increased.  I wasn’t home that much pre lockdown and only had to vacuum maybe once a week, but now times have changed.  Living, and I mean properly living, in this space, most of the week sees me vacuum nearly every day.  Turns out I hate it.  A lot!  So, I have used some of my Australia flight money (because who knows when I will go back to visit) and brought myself a robot vacuum.  Have a look at them, but keep in mind that they have huge discounts in the sales, and this is when you want to purchase.  Some even have a mop function which sounds heavenly.

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