Finalising My Functional Entrance Hall…

October 26, 2020

My entrance hall has been completed in the past month and a half and I am loving it!  First and foremost, the functionality of this space means it wins the most improved medal this year.  My shoes are all easy to see and I am wearing all the pairs instead of a couple, that would normally fight to be at the front.  Everything is tidied away and has its place.  Adding the additional power point has meant I am not wasting time and getting frustrated removing plugs.  And my coat is hanging beautifully without risk of snagging or creasing. You can read more about the process here and here.

I took a few months after painting to finalise the purchase of the clothing hanger.  Summer here was toasty warm and there was no need to wear an outer layer.  Not that I was going out much as we were in the lockdown!  As the weather has turned and I’ve ventured out a bit more, I did start to pull out some layers.  Not having a place to put them restarted the end of this project.  I reached out to Kroft about their hanger to see if they would do a smaller custom size for me.  Result!  They let me know they do custom orders and there is a small wait as these orders build before they are processed.

I had the most fun getting my drill out and finding the right points on the ceiling.  Putting the hanger together was simple and it was done within half an hour.  I could hang more then one of my coats up but I am loving the look of only having one up.  Did you notice the hat?  I was going to be fancy and but a special black hook but then I realised the hook would be covered.  Command hook to the rescue with a clear hook that is keeping my hat on display and ready to go in sunny months.

What have you been doing in your home these past few months?  Hope you have found this inspiring.  MsJP x

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