My Entrance Hall Progress…

May 25, 2020

This year I decided to focus on making over my entrance hall that really wasn’t functioning its best. It’s a small corner of my entrance that allows me to hide a bundle of shoes and a group of coats. There is a powerpoint that I use for my hairdryer because I can squish the cord under the bathroom door and do my hair in there. I still don’t understand why in the UK they don’t trust us with power in the bathroom! The lockdown has allowed me to think through what I want and this is the entrance hall progress.

I’ve chosen my paint shapes and used two beautiful blue based colours to create the artwork. To start with I painted the teal circle using a string/pencil combo to make the perfect shape. The arch was a little bit harder to work out as it is off centre. I started with the string/pencil combo but it didn’t feel right, slightly lopsided (as above). Creating a template with cardboard from a delivery I copied the left curve and used this to finesse the right curve (below). Perfect! The arch was so big I used a small roller which meant only one paint coat required.

After much searching for a shoe rack, it had to be black and small as the space is not as big as standard sizes, I ended up making the purchase from the Conran store. Originally I had found the Japanese brand on Amazon but at the beginning of lockdown my attitude towards Amazon changed and it being out of stock made me go elsewhere. Instead of a shelf for my hair tools I got a black wire basket from John Lewis. The tools are much bigger then I realised and the though of trying to balance them on a shelf gave me stress! Initially I thought I would hang the basket on the wall but it is very heavy with the tools. The shoe rack isn’t as full as I thought it would be and the black wire of the basket blends in seamlessly.

Next step is to remove the remaining items from the old coat rack. I still put it back in the space but need to move forward! I’ll pop it out in the communal area of my flat and someone is bound to take it. Then when lockdown is over a friends husband is coming to add a second powerpoint and I’ll sort out the fairy light cord situation. I think some command stripes and hooks will help. The final piece, the hanging coat rack, needs to be ordered. I’ve decided to wait until the end of this month to make sure I have the money set aside. One good thing about lockdown is it is easier to save money!

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