My Birthday Wish List…

May 18, 2020

Whilst it is a few months off until my birthday, my family are already asking for my birthday wish list!  They recently sent a package from Australia that took six weeks to get here.  Normally it takes two, maximum three weeks.  With these uncertain times I’m trying to stick to items from the EU.  However, there are a couple from Canada and Australia in there.

In the last couple of years since leaving advertising agency crazy life I have taken my birthday off to celebrate.  This year’s day is loosely planned out.  A sleep in and I’ll make myself a hot breakfast.  I’ve bought a ticket to Yayoi Kusama’s Infinity Rooms at the Tate Modern.  Not sure if that will still happen!  A late lunch at a Wahaca and its delicious Mexican food.  Previously I would have then gone to a theatre show but I think this time I will head home and watch a movie.  Splurge, and pay for a latest release!

  1. Kroft Hanging Clothes Rack
  2. Rachel Castle and Things Baby Floral Pillowcase
  3. Indy Tute Upcycling Vintage China Upcycling
  4. Hand Caning Workshop
  5. Rainbow Confetti Glasses Etsy maker MEKU
  6. Indy Tute Cold Pressed Soap Making Workshop
  7. Jesomite Bowl Making Workshop
  8. Bimby & Roy Ubi Dressing Gown

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