Books To Read In Spring…

March 9, 2020
Books to read in spring.

I’ve been carving out my life recently and it has allowed me to get back to reading books.  I’m trying to read before I go to bed as it does make me sleep better.  Often on weekends I can be found curled up on the couch reading a book.  I’ve started swapping books with friends widening my reading circle.  This is good as I always want to explore new stories and I know at least one of these books I would not have picked up myself.  Reading also has a knock on effect to my writing and words seem to come onto a page easier.  Here are some books I have read recently that you can read in spring.

An American Marriage – Tayari Jones

Celestial and Roy are from different backgrounds, but their love for each other brings them together in marriage.  A year on a crime is committed, and Roy is found guilty.  Celestial and the reader know he is innocent.  We are then shown the next 10 years through letters and various first-person accounts.  Their marriage is challenged as Celestial’s art becomes popular whilst Roy sits in prison serving his sentence seemingly paused in life.  When he is released can they resume their marriage as if nothing has happened?  This is what Roy wants…

Grown Ups By Marian Keyes

One of my favourite authors, I recently went to a live session with her being asked about her work and she is fabulous.  One of my favourites to follow on twitter and Instagram.  Keyes is delivering books every 18-24 months, so I really tried to read Grown Ups slowly.  It was a fool’s errand!  The story is so enticing.  About one Irish family whose secrets all come out when one gets a bump to the head and tells the truth.  Keyes has created some great characters who have depth and flaws including the men.  I did find some of the men trash and their behaviour awful.  That is the great power of her books!

Save The Cat! Writes A Novel

I’m trying to write my own novel because we all have one in us!  The first 10,000 words were easy but now I am at a sticking point as to what is next.  This book gives guidance on how to work through plot and characters and is incredibly helpful.  Here’s hoping I can get another 70,000 words down.  I am encouraged by my sister who messaged me after reading the bits I have and said she wants to read more.  No pressure!

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