Three Things I Learnt At My Sister’s Wedding…

January 13, 2020
Three Things I Learnt At My Sister's Wedding. A picture of me at the reception with my sister and her new husband.

Celebrating my sister’s wedding this year was lots of fun mixed with lots of stress.  From the moment I touched down in Australia we were go go go!  It was expected and fortunately we had all worked together to make a fantastic day for my sister.  On the day of the wedding there were three things that stood out for me that other blogs and wedding magazines hadn’t covered.  These are three things I’ve learnt about the wedding day.

Friends Providing Services On The Day.

A friend who is a florist, make up artist or cake maker is a dream when they offer their services for the day.  Make sure you sit down with them and have a professional meeting about what you want.  Provide photos, detail expectations and put it in writing as you would with any other wedding supplier.  This helps remove any last minute conversations that are likely as they are your friend and their boundaries are more flexible.  Consider what role you want your friends to play on the day.  If they are distracted having drinks and nibbles are they getting everyone’s makeup done when they should?  Later at the reception is the MC Best Man remembering to start the speeches or chilling with his wife in the corner eating hot chips?

All Suppliers Provide A Written Quote.

I was shocked on the day of my sister’s wedding that two suppliers tried to double their fees after providing their services.  This put everyone in a weird position as someone down the phone claimed they had said something different.  Make sure you put everything in writing to your suppliers even if they don’t so you have something to back with.  Fortunately, both suppliers backed down as my sister was able to refer to her notes and quote back the original conversation.  A stress on the day that wasn’t fun!

The Plan Is The Plan.

Before the big day the couple should agree on timings and stick to these.  Both should delegate someone in their support group to ensure everything runs on time.  No last minute changes to fit in a grooms activity that stresses out the bride. Don’t make her have to have her bag ready earlier as it throws everything off.  Or the sudden appearance of a gift for the bride, badly timed, resulting in her crying after just having her makeup done!  Make a plan, tell the delegate of any surprises and everyone will get to where they are meant to be one time.

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