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August 12, 2019
This picture is of the front cover of The Rosie Result.  It is plain white with black text and a seagull with a scarf on it.  The Rosie Result by Graeme Simsion Book Review.

The third and final book in the Don Tillmans story, The Rosie Result, is set in Melbourne, after the family have spent years in New York.  Rosie has started work on a project that requires private funding to continue.  Don sparks a racial row at his university, referred to as the ‘Genetics Lecture Outrage’, and is currently suspended.  But the real focus is Hudson, in his last year of primary school, lacking in friends and the school reporting meltdowns

I loved reading The Rosie Project for its finely tuned character of Don who see’s the world through his potentially autistic brain.  The second book The Rosie Effect felt a little rushed and didn’t pack as great punch.  The Rosie Result is meticulous in its storyline and I am sad that it is the last in this series.  Set eleven years later, Don realises the move from New York to Australia has disrupted Hudson and the family stability.  He decides that there are three projects he must complete to regain harmony in their lives.

The Hudson Adjustment Problem has Don spending time with Hudson, explaining social rules and behaviours, in a bid to stop his school requesting autism testing.  Simsion carefully navigates the world of autism and within a school information night shows the reader both sides of the coin when it comes to autism diagnosis.  Should we diagnose autism?  Should children be drugged? 

Hudson’s one and only friend is Blanche, a person who has albinism and impaired vision.  This character allows Simsion to show that there is a lot to consider for those with impairments and how to help them.  There is a part at the beginning of the book where on a ski trip both Judson and Blanche require a little more time to adjust to the snow.  I loved the fact that despite the extra thought that had to be done, Don never sees these as issues or annoyances and works through them.  It is a great way to show that with a little bit of extra thought everyone can enjoy every activity!

I can’t finish without mentioning that Don opens his cocktail bar!  The location is unusual, you can order on an app without having to speak to anyone, and the bar is completely quiet.  It is a hit within the autism community and for those who are a bit socially awkward!  We all knew he would do it!

If you haven’t read any of the books in the series I highly recommend them.  I’d love to hear your thoughts on the third book in the comments.  PF xo

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