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July 1, 2019
Picture of bookshelf with lots of different teas all over it.  Teapigs Tea School Day.

Truth is I am not much of a tea drinker but whenever I go to events they always serve Teapigs.  And I drink it! I follow them on Instagram and last Christmas I won one of their advent calendars.  So many choices, and I was able to try more teas!  For a few years in my advertising days I worked on a large drinks brand and learnt that tasting is key.  Consumers won’t risk trying a new drink unless they can have a taste for free.  This is why you see sampling at train stations of full size, new products.  To be fair I am exactly like that consumer and when Teapigs invited me to the Teapigs Tea School I immediately said yes!  I vaguely knew everyone had high praise for Teapigs tea, but I didn’t know the reasons why.  I also couldn’t wait to sample lots of teas, perfectly made to find some new ones I would like!

Picture of fabulous wall covered in paper decorations and two teapigs deck chairs in front.  A helium pink balloon is in front with blow up balloons spelling out the words 'good times'. Teapigs Tea School Day.

In Australia Tea Is What Nana’s Drink!

Growing up my grandparents always had a drink of tea.  Typically, this was mid-afternoon, sometimes with a biscuit or sweet roll from the local baker.  I never liked tea but would willingly take part to get a biscuit!  One of my nana’s collected tea pots for years.  Funny thing is I rarely saw them used.  Just lined up atop her kitchen cabinets as decoration.  I think this was because teapots are associated with loose tea leaves, which she never kept in the house.  My parents also drink a lot of tea.  I still marvel watching them drinking a hot cup in the Australian heat.  They can drink it straight away even though the water is boiling!

A picture of the converted warehoues space where the teapigs school took place.  Teapigs Tea School Day.

If You And I Meet For Coffee It’s Really Hot Chocolate!

I’ve never enjoyed the taste of black tea or understood why people drink it in the heat!  But I will have a hot chocolate any day.  I was introduced to fantastic drinking chocolate when we travelled to Switzerland.  I remember being fascinated at being served a warm cup of milk and being able to pour the precious chocolate powder in myself.  So much fun!  As an adult, my favourite hot chocolates are where liquid chocolate is poured into warm milk.  So delicious!  I have to be careful, as there is an Italian chocolate shop right next to my office that serves this tempting treat!

A close up of lovely flowers from the day.  Teapigs Tea School Day.

What I Learnt At Teapigs Tea School.

The lovely team at Teapigs Tea School took us though the history of tea and their brand.  I learnt there are three different types of tea based on the plants growth and subsequent processing.  All tea plants originate from China and were stolen by the British, propagated and sent around the Empire!  A proper brewed tea has been allowed to seep for 3 minutes in fresh water.  For a less bitter, green tea experience let your boiling water cool slightly. 

Founders Nick and Louise wanted to bring quality tea to the British.  Given it is a nation known for tea drinking, they were shocked at what we accepted as the norm.  When we were shown this comparison of camomile tea leaves I could not believe it.  A well-known brand on the left is serving dust, the right is Teapigs.  Every Teapigs temples can be used twice, such is the high quality of their tea leaves.  Added bonus all their package is recycled or compostable.  No plastic here!

Tasting And Making Tea!

Once we had a better understanding of tea we moved on to taste testing the Feel Good tea line.  This was the bit I was keen to take part in.  Perfectly brewed teas in tiny cups!  My favourites are snooze, calm and trim.  Snooze was a divisive tea as the lavender made everyone love it or loath it.  I am a fan!

A water jug with cold brew tea in it ready to drink.  Teapigs Tea School Day.

You Had Me At Cold Brew!

Sitting to the side, made up in a large glass jar were Teapigs cold brew Tea.  A new product that had just launched a few days prior.  Well this situation made so much more sense to me.  Hot weather and cold drinks.  Perfect!  I was initially unsure about the flavour combinations, cucumber and apple or lychee and rose, but both are delicious.  I now have a stash of them at work and home to pep up boring water.  Like their hot water cousins, the cold brew temples can be used twice to stretch your tea further.

A picture looking down at the tea making table and the different teas to mix together.  Teapigs Tea School Day.

Make Your Own.

Ending the session, we got to make our own tea.  I used a black tea base adding orange and chocolate bits.  Seemed to make sense and I thought I was replicating that famous chocolate orange everyone buys at Christmas.  Well I tried it last week and surprise I am not a tea blender.  It was awful!  Fortunately, the teapigs team have told me they have their own version and it should be back in Autumn!

Are you a tea drinker or connoisseur of coffee?  The more I live in the UK, as my British side develops I have started to embrace my tea life!  PF xo

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