Adding Rechargeable Automatic Lights To My Flat – A Review…

July 29, 2019
Rechargeable Automatic Lights To My Flat

Last year I bought a smart plug and loved how I was able to turn on lights at home whilst on the train.  I recently bought two more in the sales and plan to create a sequence where they all turn on welcoming me home!  I am overly excited about this!  Part of the charm is one light that I put on every night is a little in the way.  One of those awkward behind the couch scenarios.  Once it is all set up I will be able to use my phone to switch it on.  Perfect! I want to go one step further and find rechargeable automatic lights for my flat.

If you read my original post about automating my home, you would be aware that whilst I love automation I am not a fan of listening devices like Alexa.  It takes a bit of research to find devices that aren’t listening!  I recently watched The Block, one of my favourite Australia home makeover shows and loved how they used automatic lights in the walk in wardrobes.  Genius!  I’ve only ever seen automatic lights in offices where buildings are trying to cut back on their energy consumption.  This technology is now available to homes and is quite cheap.

Rechargeable Automatic Lights To My Flat

If you want to it is possible to get an electrician to replace light switches with automation panels.  These sense when you are in the room and the lights come on.  My friend’s husband is an electrician and she has these in her bathroom!  I loved the idea of having automated lights in my laundry cupboard.  I often walk in there and use the light from another room, but it isn’t quite enough!  Often I am squinting, or realise half way through hanging out my laundry that I need more light.  During winter I don’t like turning on my main bedroom lights in the morning as they are too bright, but this makes dressing hard!  An automated light in my wardrobe would be fab.

When I started to research stand alone automated lights there seemed to be plenty available.  However, I realised I didn’t want to have battery operated ones.  I don’t like the idea of batteries and how they aren’t reusable.  Have you ever opened up something only to find the lack of use has meant the battery had corroded everywhere?  For me this happens often.  It’s dangerous to touch and also means the tech has been ruined.  In the UK I found one rechargeable automated puck light set.  Perfect!

Rechargeable Automatic Lights To My Flat.

After these automated puck lights arrived I started charging them with their usb cords.  Each one only needed a couple of hours and then turned green.  As I waited I worked out the optimal position with a little placement testing. The best way was to use a wedge of bluetak on the back, pop the light up and then re-enact opening or entering the cupboard.  Once I was happy I stuck the magnet to the wall permanently and like magic was done!  I’ve had them for over a month now and love them.  I still get surprised when I reach into my wardrobe and I can see everything!

What automation technology do you have in your house?  I’d love to get some ideas on what I can do next.  PF xo

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