Three Ways To Use Bragg Organic Apple Cider Vinegar…

June 10, 2019
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I’m always looking for ways to improve my skin and after having breakouts for nearly 20 years I feel like I have tried it all.  I’m very careful about what changes I make to my skincare routine as I tend to get instant reactions, good or bad.  Putting the wrong moisturiser on my décolletage area results in breaks outs within a few hours.  A home DIY blogger I follow, Sherry from Young House Love, has a skin care routine that she herself calls woo woo magic!  It includes the use of Bragg Organic Apple Cider Vinegar with the Mother, diluted and applied daily.

Sherry loves reader interaction and after a few weeks shared lots of messages of support for her woo woo skincare routine.  I started investigating using Bragg Organic Apple Cider Vinegar with the Mother specifically for breakouts and found lots of examples.  The cost of a bottle was £6 for me so I ordered online and picked it up.

It Gets Rid of All Your Spots!

I’ve been using the Bragg Organic Apple Cider Vinegar for about a year now on and off.  A bit naughty I don’t dilute it, mainly because I forgot this step on Sherry’s guide!  Careful, too much on the face can cause your eyes to sting as it evaporates.  I did it every day, but it would sting so much so now I apply it every 2-3 days. 

It works really well and takes about a month before all the breakouts reduce.  The Cider brings up anything under the skin and I found blemishes that would fester for days, would be drawn out within 24 hours.  Six months later my skin now seems to push out any breakouts, a behaviour that didn’t happen prior to using Cider.

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Goodbye Skin Pigmentation Too!

An unexpected side effect of regular use of Bragg Organic Apple Cider Vinegar has been the removal of my skin pigmentation.  I’ve had skin pigmentation from the contraceptive pill and it really never bothered me.  Truthfully, this was because living in the UK it rarely showed on my face, bar a month or two when the sun came out!  The pigmentation covered the majority of my face and once it had all flared up I just looked like I had a tan. 

Last Christmas, spending time in the Australian sunshine, I waited for the pigmentation to come through.  It was gone except for a small patch on both cheeks just under my eye.  This made sense as I don’t get breakouts here and I had avoided this area as the Cider fumes stung!  Now I am making an effort to tackle these last areas to remove the last of the skin pigmentation.

Picture of bottle of apple cider vinegar and small plant.  Three Ways To Use Bragg Organic Apple Cider Vinegar post.

Sayonara Senile Warts!

Last year, after my Dad had visited me in London and saw a mole on my back I visited a dermatologist.  Everything was fine, and I was told it was a seborrheic keratosis or also known as senile warts as quite old people are known to have them!  The dermatologist told me that they aren’t contagious and are a result of sun exposure after many years.  Once I knew what they were I realised this is what my grandmothers in Australia have on their faces.  They refer to them as old age spots!

The dermatologist did say the seborrheic keratosis do grow and can get quite large.  Curious about having them removed I was quoted £180 for removal of a large one, or three small ones and advised it would scar.  No thanks!  I googled senile warts and Apple Cider Vinegar and there were a few positive results.  I’ve been using the vinegar daily and noticed immediate changes.  The larger ones are flattening out and no longer getting any bigger.  The small ones are fading and dropping off!  Result!

Recently when I watched Queer Eye ACV was recommended as a solution mixed with water that can help get rid of dandruff!  It would seem this miracle stuff is a cure all for many things.  Do you use it?  If so what for and has it worked?  I’d love to hear in the comments.  PF xo

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