British Skincare Brand Haeckles House Margate Review…

May 27, 2019
Picture of interiors of spa area.  British Skincare Brand Haeckels House Margate Review

Time To Treat Myself…

I’ve fallen in love with the seaside coast of Kent and now have lots of friends living in the area. A perfect excuse to head down on a train every couple of weeks especially as the weather is warming up. Every time I have gone to Margate I get asked if I have been to Haeckels House, home of the British skincare brand. This trip I visited Emma, who recently moved from London and decided I would finish the day blissed out in Haeckels House!

Haeckels is named after German zoologist and botanic artist, Ernst Haeckel, and was launched by Dom Bridges. Bridges started small, taking locally foraged seaweed from his beach cleans and turning it into soap for friends. The range has expanded significantly and competes successfully with the big guns in fancy stores including Liberty London and Selfridges.

Picture of products and flowers in store.  British Skincare Brand Haeckels House Margate Review

I Felt Relaxed As Soon As I Entered…

After surveying the sea by the abandoned Lido I entered the Haeckels House ground floor shop front and instantly felt calm. Utilising vintage display boxes, each product sits proud as if you are viewing museum pieces.  To the rear is a working sink where you can try many of the products.  I reported in for my appointment and was directed upstairs to the beautifully appointed millennial pink and navy waiting area.  Furnished with a mix of velvet and rattan chairs I propped myself at a place where I could take in the sea view.  A few minutes later Lorna arrived taking my tea order, I chose the seaweed blend, and upon her return we went up to the top floor and the treatment rooms.

Picture of seaweed filled bath and products next to bath.  British Skincare Brand Haeckels House Margate Review

I chose to have a seaweed bath before my massage because I simply miss having a bath in my own flat.  I wouldn’t change much about my London flat, but I would add a bath!  It is the classic sitaution of you don’t know you miss it until you don’t have it!

Lorna had run a steaming hot bath filled with natural oils and seaweed collected that morning.  This was the best choice of treatment as I soaked and enjoyed the sea view peering through the wooden shutters.  I cracked open the window slightly and listened to the seagulls and waves hitting the cliff face.  Joy!  There is something mesmerising about bathing in seaweed and I felt like a mermaid! 

Picture of treatment room with cork wall.  British Skincare Brand Haeckles House Margate Review

All too quickly my 30 minutes was up and I had scrubbed and showered ready for my full body massage.  Transferring to a second room Lorna helped me set up and I dozed whilst she worked out all my kinks.  When everything was done, and I was dressed sitting again in the waiting area, sipping a second tea.

I couldn’t help myself and left Haeckels with the liquid hand soap.  The smell of fennel is so divine, and I knew it was going to happen when I tried it at Emma’s flat earlier that morning!  A couple of tips.  Arrive a good 10 minutes early so you can settle in the waiting room with your tea.  The bath’s plug is in the middle and you might accidentally, like me, pop it open when you are pretending to be a merperson!  Expect to want to buy all the products or at least something so make sure you budget!

Picture of spa nail area and gorgeous artwork.  British Skincare Brand Haeckels House Margate Review

More About Haeckels…

Haeckels rewards loyalty and uses glass bottles for most of its products.  If you bring back an empty bottle you get 15% off your refill.  If you do a beach clean and bring a bag of rubbish in they will also reward you with a small product.  All their packaging is recyclable and soon some of it will be made of mushrooms and compostable within a week!  A truly local brand that deserves all our support.

I’d love to hear if you go to Haeckels House and what products you loved.  Let me know in the comments.  PF xo

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  • Fay Simone July 5, 2019 at 13:25

    I absolutely LOVE Haeckels and have their Pluviophile candle – there is something so calming about the scent of rain! I love putting it on when I am in the bath and need a quick relax session! If I could I would buy a LOT more of their products!

    • PretentiousFringe July 5, 2019 at 14:30

      The smells they can capture in their products are so lovely. I’m going again soon for my birthday and can’t wait! Xo