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April 15, 2019
Picture of me sitting on my couch and watching Colony on netflix.

This weather of hectic wind has really encouraged me to stay indoors for the past two months. I even signed up to Netflixs to extend my library of programs to watch! Like everyone before me I have gone down a rabbit hole of box sets and autoplay functions. There are so many fantastic programs on Netflix that don’t get the same level of promotion and exist on word of mouth. Here is a selection I have recently watched that you might enjoy too!

This One Has An Alien Invasion!

Colony, follows a family living in Los Angeles a year after an alien invasion where humans have welcomed their ‘hosts’. Trying to rescue one of their sons from Santa Monica results in the Father working for the government, whilst Mum joins the resistance! There are so many twists and turns with plenty of alliances and an overarching threat to be sent to the factory. No one ever returns from the factory. Season 3 is due out in May.

This One Has Plenty of Paris Shots!

Call My Agent. More upbeat, this show follows a talent agency in Paris, who have to balance the egos of their clients and the demands of film directors. This show is great fun and there are plenty of belly laugh moments. Nothing too crazy or over the top. A nice change to lots of the programs on at the moment. And the best bit? If you love Paris you will love seeing the city from a local’s perspective.

This One Shows You Behind The Scenes!

Seven Days. A documentary showing the seven days before a major event, ranging from the Westminster Dog Show to a Chanel Haute Couture Fashion Show in Paris. Capturing the intensity and stress of each event, we also follow several players to understand the work to stage each event. My favourite episode is the opening of Eleven Madison Park and the attention to detail, that all the staff worked so hard to perfect!

Looking for more recommendations? Check out three other shows here.

Happy watching! I’d love to hear of any recommendations you have. PF xo

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