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March 25, 2019
This picture is of me reading on a read armchair with ah purple blanket over me.  There is a stack of books for my spring reading list.

I’ve always loved to read but I am currently struggling to pick up a book. In my mind the perfect reading session is 3-4 hours, curled up on my couch, or bed, covered in at least one blanket! I play some jazz in the background and a scented candle flickers. If I am really lucky, light rain runs down the window creating a cosy atmosphere, as I read through my spring reading list!

The reality is, I have realised, the ability to do this is limited. This fantasy of the perfect reading session means I am not reading at all. Instead I have been looking at ways I can read for twenty minutes, at lunch time, before bed, at the weekend. This time frame is more realistic, and I am slowly bringing long form reading back into my life. Having now joined the library I have a small waiting list of books that I am eagerly watching as the people in line ahead of me reduces. These are the books I am going to read this spring that I thought you might be interested in.

This picture is a close up shot of me rading The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society whilst I sit on the red armchair!  There is a stack of books for my spring reading list.

The Book That Is A Smash Hit Film.

The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society. I know about this book because of its film, that I have yet to watch! A story told through letters, it is of the islands residents and how they dealt with the German occupation. As an anglophile I love anything British and am looking forward to reading this book first. In fact I was so impatient I have bought this one rather then wait for hte library waiting list to go down!

This image is a close up of two books on a side table with Zoya nail polish stacked on top of them.  There is a stack of books for my spring reading list.

The Book Everyone Got At Christmas!

Becoming by Michelle Obama. Everyone seemed to get this book for Christmas and it has taken me until now to find people who had read it! All the reviews have been positive, and I’ve been told that there is a great theme of Obama changing her mindset when it came to her career. She speaks about the guilt she felt wanting to change her career for something more fulfilling, knowing her parents had given up a lot for her to be where she was. I am looking forward to reading her story as I too chose a career based on my parents encouragement and not on what I wanted.

This image is of the red armchair with the purple blanket draped over it.  I nthe background are books on a side table.  There is a stack of books for my spring reading list.

The Book Written Secretly At Work.

Dear Mrs Bird by AJ Pearce. This novel has come onto my radar as a friend of a friend is the author! Pearce was inspired by an old magazines self help column and secretly wrote her story at work. Centred around Mrs Bird who refuses to respond to letter that are not pleasent, Emmy decides to take charge and send out advice. I can’t wait to read this as I have heard the description of London in the war is highly accurate. This book should be a bit of a fun addition to the spring reading list!

Another image of me on the armchair with the blanket draped over me!  There is a stack of books for my spring reading list.

The Book With Real Life Legal Stories.

In Your Defence by Sarah Langford. I read This Is Going To Hurt and Langford has written a similar factual book detailing various crimes and how her clients lives changed as a result. Her writing and her ability to show our legal system for its glory and faults has received high praise. I am particularly interested to read about the rationalisation for sentencing across all the cases.

Another image of the armchair with the blanket draped over it and the books stacked on the side table.   There is a stack of books for my spring reading list.

The Book I Researched And Realised I Had To Preorder!

The Flatshare Beth O’Leary – Preordered. I love the sound of this book where two strangers share a flat and a bed but have never met. It is a scenario I know is true in London where those who work nights rent their beds! The reviews are hilarious and have mentioned sticky notes, my favourite way to communicate with flat mates! Availible early 2020 I have preordered this one on Amazon. Preorders are incredibly important for authors as they can help secure second deals as well as other work. If you like this one add it to you wish list or perhaps ask for it for Christmas!

UPDATE – Thanks for Hannah for pointing out I had found the paperback date for The Flatshare. The hardback is out on the 19th April here and I have updated my order!

What are you reading at the moment? I’ve got more book reviews here but I’d also love to hear your recommendations for the spring reading list. PF xo

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  • Hannah March 29, 2019 at 22:17

    The Flatshare is available this April 2019! Thanks so much for including it. x

    • PretentiousFringe March 30, 2019 at 10:17

      I’m so excited. I need to chase Amazon to release it earlier!!!