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January 28, 2019
Marie Claire FujiFilm Course Pretentious Fringe

At the end of last year I was going through Instagram Stories and one popped up with a photography workshop for anyone with a Fujifilm camera.  I nearly fell over as these workshops are quite common for other camera brands and I’ve always been quite envious.  Immediately I was punching in my card details to secure a spot.  The event was cobranded with Marie Claire magazine and the day was to be built around fashion shoots with a real model.  Fab!

Turning up at Shoreditch Studios felt like walking into a magazine shoot!  Something I had done before in my advertising role and I immediately felt at home.  A tasty breakfast spread was before us, I was offered a tea and sitting down I met photographer Jamie Stoker who was our guide for the day.  A small group of eight we were given some refresher pointers on shooting manually and then we were handed a Fujifilm XT100 to use.

Update your camera software!

I’d brought my X-T2 and learnt from the Fuji experts that there are regular software updates for their cameras.  This was new news to me and handing over my kit, within minutes, mine was updated!  All the frustrations I had had in the past year with settings and making changes disappeared.

The camera itself ran faster and the menus were easier to navigate. I was able to sync my camera to the phone app and also use the phone as a remote.  So handy when I want to add images to social media and also taking photos of myself!

How the workshop ran.

Throughout the day we worked with model Alex who knew all her angles and loved to play up to the camera for us!  Three areas were set up to shoot Alex, jewellery or homewares.  We got to use professional lighting and it was interesting to see how this change the photo depending on the angle.  I also loved having fun in the black and white mode creating some dreamy mood shots.

After a lunch from Shoreditch Studio, so many delicious vegan options, we bundled ourselves in our coats and headed to the streets.  Taking care not to end up under a car we did quite a bit of street photography with Alex!  Honestly I don’t know how paparazzi’s get their shots as it can be so tricky and now I understand how they can get such awful photos of celebs.

It’s all about timing the shutter and knowing angles.  Often I would capture Alex mid way through blinking which gave her a look of a stoner!  But then sometimes a magic shot would come through.  We used continuous shot settings for this which meant our cameras would autofocus on Alex and we just had to worry about framing our image.

What I learnt.

  • I realised I knew a lot about photography and when you have someone who knows their angles and timings magic can happen! 
  • Always see if you can update you software on your camera as it will run so much faster. 
  • Take a million shots and there will be some gems.  That’s the advantage of digital and if in doubt switch you camera to continuous shot.  Fill up your SD card!

Marie Claire and Fujifilm are planning on running a second event in February 2019 with a beauty product focus.  I’m already on the list and can’t wait to ask more questions about lenses!  PF xo

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