My Must Have Footcare Beauty Products…

November 19, 2018

Looking after my feet was not really a priority or need until recently.  I’ve found that the water in London is quite harsh, sapping the moisture out of my skin and hair.  It is a constant battle to have nice skin and maintain some sort of good looks.  That is possibly a bit vain to talk about good looking feet but I’ve always really liked mine!  Coming from a country where bare feet and sandals are everyday attire, having a pedicure and getting all that skin scrubbed off your heels is normal.  I personally don’t like pedicures.  Having someone cut my nails and scrub the feet is not relaxing for me.  I am a do it at home kind of woman!

Two months ago I decided to take action seriously in regards to my feet.  I was no longer getting away with a little swipe of moisturiser when I remembered!  These are the four products that brought my feet back to life.

Footner Exfoliating Socks.  Kick start your foot care routine with these socks that perform magic and make your skin shed over a week!  I recommend soaking your feet in a warm bucket of water for an hour before using.  This helps to get any top layer skin off and allow the product to hit the tough areas.  The socks themselves are to be kept on for a further hour.  Adding your favourite movie into the mix makes sense!  Over the week bits of skin will come away.  I found it better to soak my feet every night to encourage the shedding, rather than wait for a sudden drop.  It is going to be a bit gross when this bit is happening so plan your diary.  Day 4-7 should be closed shoes and book in time to soak and shed!

Drink Up by Origins Overnight Mask. I got this little sample that worked wonders overnight on my face.  Soaking in it left my skin fresh and not at all oily.  It then came to me that it would probably do the same for my feet!  It works well.    Slather this mask on your feet and pop on some cotton socks before you fall asleep.

Welsh Lavender Foot Cream.  I discovered this Welsh brand when I spent the weekend at The Goodlife Festival.  Every time I bring my small hand cream version out everyone wants to use it!  I am now using this nearly every night religiously to help keep the moisture levels up.  The lavender is perfect for bedtime and the smell helps me to sleep better too.

Flexitol Heel Balm.  This heal balm is recommended by nearly every beauty blogger and it was on offer at Boots so I thought it couldn’t hurt.  Well it’s everything that is promised!  A thick cream that helps to clear up cracked heels.  When mine were really bad I used it every night.  Now that they are all good I pop this on every couple of days to keep on top of it.  Like with the mask, layer this on and pop on cotton socks to help it soak in overnight.

Pumice Stone. I know I said four things however I have just realised when writing this that I also use a pumice stone.  It’s great for getting that hard skin off your heels but for me it’s not a permanent solution.  I try to remember to use it when I shower but it isn’t unusual for me to forget and quickly doing it post dip!

What are your favourite foot care products? I’d love to hear what you are using too.  PF xo

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