Weekly Round Up

The Week Round Up…

September 14, 2018

This week has been quiet compared to the past few.  I’ve been to the ceramics studio and made a bunch of pots to sell.  I have mastered the wheel!  Last weekend I did a lot of work on this site and my ceramics one.  I even went to the gym twice!

As Autumn sinks in and the nights get a little cooler I’ve been wearing a full set of pj’s around the flat.  There are so many amazing versions out there.  I own these colourful, botanical ASOS ones and these beautiful silk ones from Liberty are on my wish list.

In February this year KFC was unable to supply chicken to all its stores.  An unexpected affection for the brand was seen on social media Harry Wallop investigates the positive sentiment towards the American company.

Rachel Castle & Things Instagram is a mix of her fabulous artworks, bedding and designs.

My hair has always needed extra strength conditioners and I’ve been trying lots of different ones trying to get away from heavy chemicals.  This intense conditioner by John Masters is perfect for my everyday and smells divine!

Kristina Karlsson, founder of Kikki K stationary brand, is interviewed on TDF podcast.  Discussing how she grew her business to 175 stores worldwide and also her daily habits to promote positivity in her family this episode is one to listen to for entrepreneurs and people wanting to add gratitude into her daily routine.

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