Weekly Round Up

The Week Round Up…

August 31, 2018

Is it really days away from September and basically Christmas?  Where has this year gone!  This week was incredibly busy.  On the bank holiday weekend I hung out with Supal, from Chevrons and Éclairs, touring Notting Hill and Holland Park on her AirBnb walk.

Monday I went to a Makers Festival in London, to do some creative writing and learnt how to make seasonal fruit tarts.  Yum!  Wednesday I headed to Hackney, an area of London I am really not familiar with, for a sketching class with 10 week old piglets.  Jenny has upcoming classes with jelly fish, owls and wolves!

I discovered Fiona Leahy Design in the Evening Standard.  Grab a copy.  You will not regret it!  Then follow her instagram feed for more deliciousness.  Full of floral masterpieces and beautifully laid tables to brighten your morning.

You know I limit my screen time.  Nothing past 8.30pm.  This means I now plan and choose very carefully what I watch.  This weekend I want to fit in a rewatch of the movie Her, with Joaquin Phoenix.  Fingers crossed its still amazing in this post #metoo world!  Will let you know.

When big chains leave small towns it can unhinge a community.  Simon Usborne investigated the impact of M&S leaving Aldershot and how this will change the UK high street.  Another 100 stores are marked for closure before 2022.  I would love to see these empty spaces turned into shared community hubs with makers studios, class space and a store/café.  If you ever see me start this project you know I have won the lottery!

Listen to this podcast with Kristina Karlsson, the founder of Australia Swedish stationary brand Kikki K.  She talks about starting her now international business, risks her she took (selling the house to fund the business), faking it with journalists and good ways to practice daily positivity and gratitude.

Have you seen the collaboration between The World of Shrimps and Habitat?  I.Died.   I want this Dory cushion with its embroidery and the face!  Weirdly I also covet this rug of faces too!

Have a great weekend lovelies.  Let me know what you are up to.  PF xo

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