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The Week Round Up…

August 10, 2018

English Heritage

Hi Lovelies.  It has been a busy couple of weeks as I started Superlatively LJ’s writing course, ventured out nearly every night to meet friends and tried my hand at some new crafts.   I had a fantastic time last Saturday at Blognic with a group of creative men and women who made prints for wallpaper, designed sewing patterns, created realistic paper birds and were illustrators amongst other things.  My patience was tested at the ceramics studio as the temperatures hit over 35degrees and the clay was challenging to work with.  I’ve been out for drinks with friends most nights this week and am looking forward to working from home Friday so I can sleep in to 9am!

Wednesday I watched Charlotte and Olivia record their podcast live, The Fringe of It.  Both of these ladies are hilarious and I learnt there are three types of cord for fashion; jumbo, regular and knitted.  They are taking a three week break before their second season so you have time to listen and catch up on season one.

Have you saved your bank cards in your iphone wallet?  Let me tell you once you do it’s a game changer.  No more huge wallet in the bag and this is the one from Kate Spade I now carry.

I’m a big fan of the National Trust instagram account and recently got the tip that the British Heritage account is just as beautiful and upbeat.  Def worth a follow.

I tried the Footner mask that has done the rounds on social media.  My tips are buy it off ebay for half the price and soak your feet for an hour before masking.  For me the skin didn’t not come off that easily and I had to soak my feet every night to encourage the shed.

A well written piece about the impact on a town when the major stores like M&S close down and how communities can fade away.

Have an awesome weekend and enjoy the rain! PF xo

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