Two Art Exhibitions To Attend This Summer…

July 25, 2018

The summer heat is setting in and to get out of the warmth in London I recently went to two art exhibitions that are air-conditioned!  The Victoria and Albert have Frida Kahlo, Making Herself Up and The Royal Academy of Arts have commission Grayson Perry to curate the 250th Summer Exhibition.

Appealing to my Beyoncé like needs I bought a V&A membership.  No standing in lines and just a casual strut into exhibitions as frequently as I desire.  Upon reflection I realised I didn’t know much about Frida Kahlo except for the famous images of her with thick eyebrows and flower headbands.  The exhibition is quite wordy explaining Frida’s influences, her ongoing health issues which started on a path of art and her participation in the Mexican Revolution.  Take heart that near the end of the exhibition, after quite dark and often haunting stories, a colourful selection of Frida’s clothes appear to cheer you up.  V&A staff told me that this exhibition is proving to one of their most popular so book in advance before it concludes on Sunday 4th November.

The Royal Academy of Arts 250th Summer Exhibition is the most colourful, eclectic mish mash yet.  Designed to provoke and challenge your sense of art, Grayson Perry has curated a collection representing artists from all works of life and experience.  Filling multiple rooms across the building, with colourful backgrounds, at times it is a sensory overload.  The entrance to the exhibition is the most popular and thus quite crowded.  Step away to the smaller rooms on different floors and you will find calmer, reflective spaces.  You can make a bit of an afternoon of it with a bar offering drinks and a delicious menu at the café outside in the sun.  Running until the 9th of August consider seeing it on a Friday at up lates where the exhibition is open until 10pm.

I have yet to go but I have heard Somerset House has a great Print! Tearing It Up exhibition with free entry.

What exhibitions have you been to recently? Let me know your recommendations in the comments. PF xo

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Art Exhibitions In London

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