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The Week Round Up…

July 27, 2018

mizuyo studio

How’s your week been?  It’s hot and bothersome in London and we are all saying ‘we’re not complaining, but a little rain would be nice’!  This week started for me back at Mizuyo’s studio finishing my Kintsugi project.  For my lunch I chose to have an ice cream sandwich by Mister Fitz, the sibling popup of Doughnut Time!  To get out of the heat I headed to The V&A for their latest exhibition which you can read about here.

Monday night I went back on the wheel but the success I had the previous week eluded me!  Learning the pottery wheel is full of ups and downs and my patience is being tested.  I also went back to the gym after a two week break.  Oh the pain in my legs afterwards.  It just shows how quickly my body can seize up and I need to keep mobile or become housebound.  One of my biggest fears.

Wednesday I spent time with my friend Ken eating Mexican and watching Jessie Cave perform her funny comedy set.  Jessie tells it how it is for 20something women dating with two children and is honest about all her anxieties and insecurities.  Follow her instagram for great doodles that she sells and she will customise them for you as well.

Kew Gardens has an outdoor theatre experience with Alice in Wonderland.  Based in one location at Kew Gardens it is an interactive adventure that gets the audience involved.

This is the alarm clock I settles on when looking to remove my phone from the bedroom.  I chose it as it has nicer, less heart attack inducing noises and the light will help me in winter.  It’s working well after a few hiccups where I had to learn to trust it!

Despite being in a post #metoo world of feminist equality it is still uncommon for men to take their partners last names and The Atlantic recently looked at some of the reason why.

This week I read about Marwencol.  The story of an American Vet, Mark, who was beaten up for being different and lost all his memories.  When his state funded therapy ran out Mark built Marwencol to recover.  It is being dramatised and made in a Hollywood movie however there is an existing documentary which is emotional to watch.

The new series of Catastrophe is being filmed at the moment.  If you haven’t caught the frighteningly honest, comedy drama staring Sharon Horgon and Rob Delaney it is well worth catching up.  The premise is around two 40something singletons who find themselves bound together after a long one night stand, resulting in a translantic move and sudden serious relationship.

Have a great weekend and hope the rain reaches you!  PX xo

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