Weekly Round Up

The Week Round Up…

July 20, 2018

berlin bridge

This week started with a photography class learning about exposure and lighting.  It was really challenging and I have lots to think about with my photos now.  I had a great breakthrough in my ceramics class.  I was able to centre the clay on the wheel and once you get that right making pots becomes quite easy and they don’t fall over.  I was on a high and declaring myself the ‘queen of the wheel’ all night!  I haven’t felt like going to the gym but I did catch up with a friend and visit Bar Elba in Waterloo.  It’s a rooftop, open air, with fantastic cocktails and a burger station.  If you go book a table as it starts to get packed from 5pm.

I tested out not having my phone in the bedroom and it resulted in some of the best sleep ever.  I spent hours researching alarm clocks.  Why do they all have a loud bell sound that induces a heart attack?  I ended up settling on this one.  Quite pricey but the light should be good in winter.

This writer tried Swedish Death Cleaning with some interesting results.

Add some nature into you life by following the National Trust Instagram

Wimbledon is over.  Read about the racquet techies and the pressure behind the restringing of the champions.

I’m late to the party but if you too haven’t watched Escape to the Chateau catch up now!

Have a great weekend lovelies.  PF xo

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