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The Week Round Up…

July 6, 2018

west elm london

July, my favourite month of the year.  Mainly because it is my birthday month!  Such a perfect time halfway through the year to restock on my favourite things and the best bit is living in the UK it is in the summer.  This means outside parties, with cool drinks, bikinis and bbqs.  Growing up in Australia and having a winter birthday always made me jealous of others who could go to the water park for theirs.  Although at least I wasn’t one of those that had their birthday in a holiday time and never had a party.  Sad for them!This week has been soooo fun!  I started at ceramics which is now my Monday ritual.  I had a few pots and plates come out of the kiln and it resparked my love for the process.  Learning the wheel is tough and after asking my teacher for some pointers I made progress.  Pictures are on my instagram if you want to peek.  I even had someone contact me to buy the plate.  Eek!

Tuesday I went to West Elm and participated in a interior design blogging meet up.  I loooove this brand and everyone there was so lovely and inclusive.  I went to dinner afterwards with some fantastic bloggers who images are inspiring and will do a little feature of them next week.  Wednesday I updated the ‘Things I Love’ page on here and am quite proud of all my coding and how the layout looks.  Any feedback most welcome.

What have you been up to?  Here are a few more things that have caught my eye this week.

I’m loving the beautiful Jackson and Levine Habitat ceramics collection, handmade in Puglia, southern Italy.  It is currently sold out but you can sign up for a reminder when they relaunch in September.

I posted on my insta stories that I ask for passport stamps in my British passport even though because of the EU I don’t need them.  I’ve never had so many questions as turns out we all want the stamps and an empty passport is sad.  My tip, just ask nicely as they are flicking through your passport.  Once they see one has done it everyone does!

Grenfell Tower was a saddening tradegy.  This retired firefighter explains the rules in place for evacuating buildings and why it went so terribly wrong.

Amazon’s The Marvellous Mrs Maisel l is set in the 1950s and if you loved the sets and costumes in Mad Men get this downloaded asap.  Set in New York it is about Midge who is married with two kids and wants to become a female comedian much to the horror of her Jewish family.

Have a great sunny weekend. PF xo

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