Weekly Round Up

The Week Round Up…

June 8, 2018

This week has gone extremely fast and I can’t believe it is Friday already!  Last weekend I visited the Chelsea Physic Gardens which are beautiful and I’ll put a little post together for you about that with some photos.  The rest of the weekend I got stuck into life admin, rearranging bits and pieces in my flat and streamlining a bunch of art on my walls.  My flat is a tiny one bedroom but I feel like there is plenty I don’t use and after living there a few years it is time to do a more ruthless clear out!  I’m back in the pottery studio every week and I also met a friend for drinks on a canal boat Darcie and May Green.

I’ve been saving up to do a course in Kintsugi and Mizuyo has just posted dates for her next one here.

We might all still be debating climate change but farmers are seeing the effects first hand and having to make decisions on the next crops they will farm.

Period pants.  I’ve been researching but I am still unconvinced.  Has anyone tried them?

Stylist Live tickets have gone on sale.  I went last year and the speaker line up this year is fantastic!

I’m back watching Humans on Channel 4 and loving it.  If you missed it this is season 3, only 6 eps each, you can easily catch up.

Have you seen this lovely mint green, block print tablecloth with mustard border from Zara?

This man stole priceless art from all over Europe and treasured it like his own baby.  Unfortunately he left a significant portion with his mother and what she did next took everyone by surprise!

It’s possible to find a million articles on plastic use and how bad it is for the environment.  This article got my attention for highlighting the potential waste and short life span of larger items like cruise ships.

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