Travel Guide to Dubrovnik, Croatia…

May 28, 2018

Made famous recently as the filming location for Game of Thrones Kings Landing, Dubrovnik, Croatia is the perfect early spring/late summer weekend city break.  The walled city, built in the 16th century, invites travellers to wander its old town admiring the cobbled streets filled with local art dealers, delicious fresh food and plenty of history.  The perfect location for a few days break from you life, Dubrovnik has enough to see whilst allowing you to wander at a leisurely pace leaving your stresses at home.

After planning in advance and booking your flights, there aren’t many direct options, take the local bus from the airport into the city (40HRK).  This will test your patience and ability to slow down as the bus driver deliberately leaves once all passengers have exited the airport.  It is worth it.  Whilst Croatia is known for being cheap this destination has recently raised prices in line with cheaper European cities and the taxi prices are high (120HRK+).

A number of residents have moved out of the old town to the surrounding suburbs and this is where you will see a true reflection of everyday life.  We stayed at an Airbnb house, converted by the owners so we had the top floor with fantastic views.  Downstairs the gardens were utilised for vegetables, potatoes and tomatoes, and there was a hunting dog with five puppies only three weeks old!  There is a fantastic community atmosphere with neighbours and relatives visiting daily to help with chores, mend doors and raise children.

Catching a local bus around Dubrovnik is quite easy as there are only a handful of routes that run in continuous loops.  The timetable can cause confusion.  The times shown reflect the time the bus has left the main depo, not arriving at your stop!  Look out for a local at the bus stop as they have the times memorised and this will indicate if your bus is on its way.  Tickets can be bought on the bus with exact change or from a little kiosk, typically near the bus stop also selling ice creams, drinks and magazines.

Dubrovnik is a port based town with plenty of fresh fish food options.  Steer clear of the main square in the Old Town where prices for food and drinks are at least double.  Croatians pride themselves on providing fresh water to all and you will be able to find fountains so you can fill up your water bottles.  Leave your carb free diets at home as just baked bread is available daily and if, like us, you will have a number of options just on your doorstep.  Tommy supermarkets carry lots of food staples in their smaller stores and plenty of homewares options in the larger buildings.

After you have spent a day in the Old Town after getting your bearings on a local walking tour (90HRK+) consider heading to Lokrum for the day.  Lokrum is a beautiful island national park, a short boat trip away, with an old monastery, dozens of peacocks and if you are lucky some wild rabbits (150HRK).

Enjoy your trip to Dubrovnik and tag me in your photos when you go. PF xo

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Travel Guide To Dubrovnik Croatia

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