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The Weekend Round Up…

May 25, 2018

First week back from holidays has been incredibly busy!  Monday was the most fun where I started back in a ceramics studio making plates and bowls.  The time went so fast and I learnt so much from my teacher in those few hours.  I’m back on the blogging thing and kept note this week of articles that interested me that you might find interesting too.  Perfect for reading over this long weekend.

When the Beast from the East came to London we all felt the cold amid the snow. But what happened to the water pipes underground and why is it now predicted that without immediate intervention London could run out of water?

A long and interesting read on how North Korea is able to mobilise a digital army that can steal individual countries wealth potentially creating economic uncertainty and cause social disruption.

Hong Kong is known for being overcrowded and full of small living spaces. I have relatives who live there and have seen first hand the cramped space that people get by in because of the cost of living in this city. This article talks about the new Nano housing in HK that without regulation has seen spaces as small as prison cells sold for millions.

Love Nutella? Huff post have put together a list of fun facts about your favourite chocolate spread. 

Getting a bunch of emails about GDPR? My favourite has been some random cellulite massager company that I am sure I never signed up for! Read here to understand quickly what the changes mean for your privacy rights.

We are always quick to judge America and Ireland for their anti abortion stances and its impact on women. However what happens when political parties manage to influence doctors in a country where abortion is legal and has been since 1978? Italy is becoming a real life Hand Maidens Tale.

Need some inspiration for things to do in London. Timeout have released this years 101 things to do in London which includes some of my favourite things; The Royal Observatory in Greenwich, Chelsea Physic Garden and Hampstead Heath.

Enjoy the read.  PF xo

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