Papercraft with Poppys Paper Cuts at ME London…

February 18, 2018

Browsing Instagram whilst I was ill last week one of my favourites, Poppys Paper Cuts, mentioned she was doing a free workshop at ME London Hotel.  FREE!  London rarely has anything substantial for free so I signed myself and my friend Sarah up to go.  Sarah is a luxury maven and straight away told me all about the 5 star ME London Hotel, its roof top bar with cable cars and fantastic restaurant STK.  She recommends the sliders FYI.

The first thing that hit me when I arrived from a blustery, rain soaked walk from the train was the gorgeous fragrance of the hotel.  It is a pumped through the air conditioning in all the common areas and let me tell you it makes them completely uncommon.  I had heard of exotic hotels having their own fragrances but the ones I had visited had those fragrance sticks, you know the ones, that any tom, dick and harry can purchase and only really fragrance the immediate area.  Safe to say when I got home I lit my Liberty Diptique to give my flat the five star treatment.  Apologies I have completely digressed about fragrance!

Poppy had us set up at the downstairs bar with plenty of drinks and canapes and she was an absolutely fantastic host.  First off we did some practice cutting on a piece of paper with easy, hard and harder shapes.  Top tip from this was to cut within a shape to make your final cuts easier.  For example cut a cross inside a circle so you have four quarters to cut out rather then trying to get nice lines in one go.  Once we were ready we moved on to the Valentines themed options and I chose the image of a lady taking off her bra!

This was a perfect way to spend a wet and windy London day and if you can’t get to a workshop Poppy has a book that you can cut out at home Cut It Out.  Big thank you to Mark at the ME Hotel who put on the event and was very generous with food and drink and we even got to take home a card creation by Poppy herself.  If you do head to ME London as well as taking in the fabulous smells make sure to go to their reception area on the 1st floor.  I won’t give it away but I have never seen anything like it and there is a bigger version of it every night at 8pm that will blow you away.  PF xo


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