Spending Time at the V&A Winnie The Pooh Exhibition…

January 14, 2018

Last year I received an email from the Victoria & Albert Museum that detailed their 2018 exhibitions.  There were two that caught my eye and a couple that sparked interest but I was a little put off by the potential ticket costs.  As I clicked through and went down the rabbit hole of the V&A’s website I came across their membership which made sense.  Some quick calculations meant as long as I went four times in 2018 I won’t have lost any money!

This weekend I spent my Saturday at the V&A’s Winnie The Pooh, Exploring a Classic exhibition.  Coinciding with the film release of Goodbye Christopher Robin, the display is an interactive and visual delight geared to adults and children.  The best bit about my membership is that I can go at any time I like and as many times as I want!  Bragger – yes!

It makes me happy and more interested in art when museums move away from white rooms with a few pictures hung.  More movement and things to do helps to fuel creativity and spark my imagination!  This exhibition had a small bed where children could read Winnie The Pooh books.  A room had a section of a Pooh story being read out loud whilst you watched the words dance across the ceiling.  The Hundred Acre Wood had been recreated with a bridge to play virtual pooh sticks!

The exhibition is on until the beginning of April 2018 and I highly recommend it.  Wander around the free parts of the museam afterwards and maybe even take in another exhibition.  I hear the Balenciaga: Shaping Fashion exhibition is fabulous!

PF xo

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