Weekly Round Up

The Weekly Round Up…

November 5, 2017

What a crazy week this one has been.  I started off on Sunday at Deliciously Ella learning how how to make a flower arrangement in a pumpkin for Halloween – so chic!  Monday I was at the Waitrose Cookery School with Juliet Sear learning how to decorate cookies and skull cakes.  The rest of the weeknights were filled with catch ups with friends and Friday night I went to a pottery school and learnt about glaze making.  Phew!

So with all of this and a few new client meetings at work I haven’t read as much as normal but I do have a couple of stories to share with you.

The BBC are caught up in the gender pay gap debate but claim because theirs is only 9.3% they don’t have to do anything about it until 2020.  This argument is getting old quickly and companies just need to pay us all the same.

Sit down and strap in for this ride with Mark Frauenfelder who lost his Bit Coin password.  Cleverly written to marry the new value of the coins vs the frustration that Mark is feeling, it all starts with a lost bit of orange paper.  If you are interested in delving into the world of Bit Coin this article also gives you a lot of tips!

Anthropologie grabbed my attention this week with this beautiful flamingo Christmas decoration.  I will be heading to their Christmas celebrations this Thursday to make the most of their discounts and have a glass or two of champers!

Hats off to this dad who built Diagon Alley for Halloween to raise money for Charity.  If you are near Seattle in the US of A it will still be around until Christmas.

Have a lovely bonfire weekend

PF xo

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