Weekly Round Up

The Weekly Round Up…

October 22, 2017

It’s been very hit and miss, well more miss, on the blog this year as I have struggled with a number of personal and family challenges.  I’ve been wanting to write but the added requirement of venturing out of the flat to an event and taking photos to accompany the piece is just too difficult.  I find it confusing to still be so ambitious but lack any drive or energy to complete basic tasks. In an effort to ensure I don’t overwhelm myself I am slowly adding back activities into my routine. Writing is incredibly creative and therapeutic for me and as I sit on a train from Leeds to London a little light bulb is blinking.

I am a book worm and devour all sorts articles on various topics every day to try and satisfy my need for knowledge. It can be relentless and I am known for confirming or googling for more information to understand people’s statements, how something works or to prove someone incorrect update their knowledge!  A recent personality test placed me as part of a small group of people who will constantly search for information, despite its exhaustion, and to make peace with that!  It stated that most people after the age of 30 start to limit their knowledge and willingness to update what they know and readjust their point of view on a topic.  Whilst it wasn’t something I did a few years ago I will now openly change my statements during a conversation if the evidence presented to me is more up to date.

To that end it has occurred to me that I can share, every week, a little list of interesting articles I have read from across the inter web.  You  can the peruse this at your leisure over the weekend.  No venturing out of the flat or photo required thus no pressure for me. Win win!

Enjoy.  PF xo

Living in the UK is interesting and at the moment the gender and racial discussions are quite topical.  The different selection processes of Oxford University are now under scrutiny and their lack of diversity is in question.  The Guardian wrote a really detailed and informative piece on how this happens and how it can change.

So many of my friends and even immediate family are wanting to live with their boyfriends hoping it will lead to marriage and children.  Clementine Ford writes about an alternative life where lovers visit when invited without women having to take on all the domestic chores and extra work expected by society.  I really enjoyed hearing her perspective and you might enjoy it too.

Everyone loves Marie Kondo and her take on purposeful living surrounded by only things you love.  Now comes Swedish Death Cleaning where author Margareta Magnusson tells the story of her parents and husband passing away and the resulting sorting of posessions.  I’ve preordered this from Amazon and look forward to reviewing it in the future.

Princess Margaret’s Morning routine has surfaced on line and its civilised start at 9am has me wanting to become royal.  A lazy morning in bed followed by a casual lunch on the family silver sounds divine!  Who doesn’t like a shot of vodka before their day really begins.

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