Weekly Round Up

The Weekly Round Up…

October 29, 2017

This week has been quite busy with Halloween becoming a bigger focus in the UK.  For the past few years our office has put on a Halloween morning for parents to bring their kids in.  They set up a few activities on the meeting room floor, then between 10am and noon they can wander the floors with their parents and see if anyone has decorated their areas.  Previously my team have gone for very blood and guts themes which I haven’t been interested in. They have managed to scare the kids and cause tears.

One of the advantages of lots of people leaving recently meant that the new recruits came up with a child friendly theme.  We dressed our area as a Scooby Doo Cemetary, no blood, no scary monsters, no tears.  It was a great success and I got right into it spending three days creating stonework and an entrance arch!  We even had colouring in and home made scooby snacks.  Monday we find out who won!  Thursday I had dinner with friends and afterwards had my face glittered.  If you are interested in seeing head to my instagram!  Tonight I am heading into town to make a pumpkin flower display and have a Deliciously Ella dinner.  I’m looking forward to having something Halloweeny in my flat!

Happy reading. PF xo

Etiquette is always an interesting subject especially when it comes to what to bring, when to arrive and what to say.  It reminds me of the wedding I attended last year in Italy.  Everyone had flown into the rural area and spent a fair few £££ as the bride was very strict on the dresscode.  It was an amazing day but unfortunately now whenever anyone talks about it all they mention is the lack of thank you cards.  A couple of words on facebook messager does not count!  I read this article with interest that is updating the dos and don’ts of attending and hosting a dinner party!  I am a bit surprised by the suggested finishing time at 11.15pm on weekends as I find most parties naturally wrap up around midnight.

I watched someone in my office this week take their fruit and wash it.  First under warm water and then under cold.  Engaging in conversation I found out she was doing this to remove pesticides.  This article landed in my inbox from Science Daily and whilst the washing works a little there is another ingredient you need to get the majority of pesticides from your fruit.

Determined to get rid of cigarette butts a Danish company has developed a reward system and device that swaps butts for food when crows pick them up.  This is a well rounded piece that also explores the morality of getting birds to do our dirty work.  Personally I can’t wait for AI to be at the point where robots can be walking the streets and cleaning up the mess!  Watch the show Humans for an accurate portrayal of our current world with AI help.

How many things do you have in your closet that you should get rid of?  Every time I move I make sure to clear out but I still have one or two things that I keep.  I guess it is for the memories.  After reading this article I did some math and realised the formal dress in my cupboard, that has traveled back and forth around the world, is now 15 years old.  It is still timeless and classic but I haven’t worn it since my formal and doubt I will again.  Despite knowing all of this I am still hanging on!

I loved reading about these older generation New Zealanders who are making their own coffins.  Not only do they save huge amounts of money but they also get to cover the coffin in glitter!!!  WIN!  The best bit of this article is the fabulous video at the beginning that tells their story of starting the New Zealand Coffin Club.

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