I Covet These Beautiful Pyjamas…

August 2, 2017

Pyjama’s, Pajama’s, Pj’s, Jammies.  So many names!  For many years living in Australia all my sleepwear came from one man, the King of PJ’s, Peter Alexander.  I remember being in high school, earning my babysitting money, waiting patiently for the next season’s catalogue from PA to drop into the letterbox.  This was also at the beginning of online shopping in Australia and despite occasionally looking online the catalogue was king!  Caution had to be had as the internet was a scary place and online meant that you might be scammed and lose all your money.  I thumbed through that catalogue for months, ringing customer service aka Peter’s Mum(!) constantly about my chosen piece, in agony deciding if I should spend my hard earned money on pyjama’s, save it or go to the movies.  Throughout my twenties PA was the only place for me and even living in London I now check online, purchase items to my parents house to pick up or have delivered when someone is travelling this way.

Recently I have found some other beautiful pyjamas that I love and would add to my collection in a heartbeat.  My tastes are becoming slightly more matured, and typically more expensive, as this area of fashion starts to show more thought and sophistication in its designs.


1 These ethically sourced pink pineapple pjs are from UK company Tales of Thread who produce their garments in Accra, Ghana and London.  They believe in providing living wages and sustainable employment for all their workers, helping to improve the lives of families and the communities they live in.  Made to last these pj’s give me the warm fuzzies knowing that the purchase has helped feed families all over the world.

2 Wandering around Selfridges a few weeks ago I spied this decadent sleepwear by Olivia Von Halle which yes is so pricey that it is only appearing in my dreams!  But hey, a girl can dream!  What caught my eye was the contrast on the sleeve between the abstract flowers and the geometric pattern.  TBH the photos do not do these justice against a white background.  It might have helped that Selfridges had also styled a mannequin with a beautiful lace bra underneath in store, so sexy!

3. My absolute favourite place in the world is Liberty London and their new silk pyjama range has my pulse racing.  There are so many classic liberty designs which makes it hard to choose just one.  This Jasmine Short PJ set has a beautiful pink and deep green vibe with a lounge wear look that screams sophistication, lazy weekends and breakfast in bed!

Hope you have been inspired! PF xo

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