4 Things To Do In Brisbane Australia…

August 6, 2017

Life has been really stressy this year hence the hit and miss blog updates.  I have found it easy to capture beautiful photos on instagram or do random insta stories but the thought of putting words on paper has been too much.  Fortunately these things pass with help from the right people and my zest for life is coming back.  Slowly, very slowly, as I have found scheduling myself the way I used to is still a long way off but being able to do a couple of things a day is doable.

Last month at the peak of all this madness in my head I decided to take advantage of the two week break I had off and head home to Australia rather then stay in London where I risked hibernating on my couch and not showering enough!  Life is slower in the land down under, I naturally fit into the culture not sticking out like some loud, outspoken, brass sheila and strangers smile and speak to you in the street.  Not wanting to feel overwhelmed with a schedule of people to see or things to do I didn’t tell my family that I was coming.  A huge surprise that gave a lot of joy to everyone!  There was a slight hiccup when my family messaged whist I was on route that they were all going away to the beach for the weekend.  Fortunately my sister and her boyfriend came home early and I had somewhere to shower at 8am on Sunday morning!

Brisbane is such a lovely city full of old building character, sunlight that warms you through and creative makers to tantalise your taste buds and fill your shelves with beautiful things.

Whilst in Brisvegas I headed to two new food destinations that have popped up since I left.  Mister Fitz, a traditional ice creamery appealing to modern tastes!  The ice cream is hand made, wedged between giant cookies and covered in your choice of lollies and sauces.  I choose M&M cookies with cookie dough ice cream.  Gummy bears are my absolute favourite and when the ice cream specialist dipped her gloved hand into the barrel and placed what seemed to be thousands of gummy bears on my ice cream I was in heaven.  I mean look at the picture!  Safe to say my sister and I decided at that point we were sharing this treat!  The decor is to die for with a fantastic tiled floor and the perfect shade of pink for all your instagram pictures.

Next up was sister business Doughnut Time‘s hole in the wall in Fortitude Valley where we sampled Slim Shady, covered in M&M’s, Golden Gay Time, fashioned after the famous Australian icecream and a traditional Pump Up The Jam.  When they first opened DT saw queues around the block but things have calmed down now.  All the doughnuts we ate were delicious and will guarantee a sugar coma!  There a lots of independent shops in the valley as well so you can make a bit of a afternoon wandering between the two foodie stops.

If you are interested in a local artisan drive to Paddington and visit Paper Boat Press where Kylie Johnson’s ceramics are housed in an old queenslander home.  With a shop at the front Kylie’s studio is out the back where she makes lots of cute ceramic labels, decorations and magnets.  Space is also dedicated to some Japanese artists who have inspired her.  If the timing is right you can also do a class in the studio and get to make your own items.  We arrived as the sun was setting and the light cascading through the windows has made for some lovely photos.

Finally to walk off all the sugar my sister and I headed to the Mt Coo-tha Botanic gardens.  One of the most tranquil places with lakes, Japanese gardens, a glass dome like something in Jurassic Park and so many cacti!  Perfect for a stroll around you can try and spot the turtles in the lake or have picnic near the kitchen gardens.

Have a lovely time in Brisbane.  Tag me in your instagram photos!

PF xo

If you are ever feeling sad or blue speak to your friends or a family member.  If you aren’t sure talk to your doctor.  And if you are thinking very dark thoughts ring The Samaritans or head to your local hospital and ask for help.

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