The One Thing I Always Pack In My Suitcase…

May 1, 2017

I love being nosey and reading about other people’s tips and tricks for travelling.  This article on Wanderlust asks a cross section of actors, chefs, presenters and musicians ‘The One Thing I Always Pack In My Suitcase…‘.  It is funny how you can read a headline and your own answer pops straight into your head.  I travel a lot for work and have done quite a bit on my own dime.  To be honest though it has taken me a while to work out the key items I need.  In the last couple of years, with all the travel, I have it down to a fine art.  Mainly because I grew tired of packing, lugging huge suitcases and unpacking heavy not using half the content!

The one thing I always pack in my suitcase is one of my blankets.  Yes I have three (!) that are practically the same which I rotate!  They are open weave, made from thick cotton and are just a bit shorter then me and twice as wide.  I guess technically they are throws and most people would use them when they are on the couch!  Why three?  Well I bought one years ago and then struggled for a long time finding a replacement when it started to pass away so I panicked a little!  Now I keep one in the bedroom, one in the lounge and the other ready to rotate in when one is being washed.  I use these on a daily basis so at the moment feel like I can justify three!  I don’t need to panic that much anymore as it seems to be a typical throw offering in lots of homewares stores.  I have taken my blanket to friends houses and had them try to steal it which has made it easy for me to buy their birthday present!  There is something comforting about having a blanket from home and I find the open weave helps to regulate my temperature in rooms that are too hot or cold.  It does take up three quarters of one side of my hand luggage but it is something I must have with me at all times.

If you are interested in one try here or here.

Have a snuggly week.  PF xo

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