Top 3 Tips To Enjoy The Columbia Road Flower Markets…

May 29, 2017

The Columbia Road Flower Market is incredibly popular and very well known.  I headed there this long, bank holiday weekend discovering a new way for me to get from SE London to the East along the way.  The market has a great vibe with traders calling out deals, wrapping flowers and plants up for eager customers.  If you are heading to the markets this summer here are my tips for a successful, flower filled trip!

Take Cash!  The market stall holders and most of the small businesses take cash only.  Some stall holders now offer card transactions with a minimum £10 spend.  There is a cash machine in the local corner store that charges £1.75 if you forget or need more!  To avoid queues sort your cash before arriving at Hoxton’s overground station.

Get there early.  The market starts at 8am and gets busier and busier until the 3pm close.  I went at 10am and found it busy and was surprised that an hour later at 11am there were more people!  One of the stallholders told me it just gets crazier and the pick of the stock is gone by 1pm.

Support the small businesses beside the market.  It is easy to get wrapped up in the flower market and forget that behind the stalls there are cafes, a vinyl store and even a barber!  Small business is having a tough time at the moment with extra government taxes so every bit helps.  My favourite shop is run by Margaret called Vintage Heaven and Cakehole.  After collecting vintage chinaware over many years Margaret realised that her multiple garages and storage units full of plates, bowls and all sorts was better shared.  Once you have found your new table setting head to the back and have a cream tea with Cakehole.

Have a great time and enjoy my photos! PF xo

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