March Read – The Secret Diary of Hendrik Groen, 83¼ Years Old…

March 5, 2017

Picture of The Secret Diary of Hendrick Groen 84 and a quater years old

It has been a couple of weeks month since I last blogged.  Life has been really busy since having my family come and stay at Christmas, trying to start my own online businesses in the UK and Australia, and getting back to my normal routine of healthy eating and exercise.  I have been learning so much about ecommerce stores and coding my new websites that other fun stuff has been on hold.  Let’s be honest, none of what I was doing was sexy enough for the blog!  If you miss me follow on Instagram as this will always have little updates in blog hiatus moments!

Hendrick Groen writes an interesting fictional book based on the lives a group of octogenarians in an Amsterdam retirement village.  My sister found this book at an airport shop and wrote down the details to tell me.  Love her!  Based on the stories my grandma has told me about her retirement village Groen has told a very accurate tale.  Regressing to high school behaviour these homes seem to have the cool group, the oldies, those who don’t quite fit in and a common authoritarian enemy layered with a heavy dose of moaning!

Hendrick decides to document hi year as a part of his resolutions causing some angst to his fellow villagers.  Who knows what he might be writing about them!  Determined not to live out his last years moaning and waiting for death, Hendrick captures his escapades in a daily journal format.  Every year sees new blood arrive at the village and departure of old acquaintances, either to the morgue on a gurney or to the mental wing in a straight jacket!  Eefje joins as a new resident and brings a positive freshness to the retirement world and inspires a small group including Hendrick to start a monthly day trip group.  Throughout the year we are kept updated on the dramas of the village, the increase in mobility scooters causing traffic jams and the rotation of chefs that become personally insulted if their food isn’t eaten!  Hendrick writes the story with an underlying dark humour shown through a number of different characters.

Add this to your must read list.  PF xo

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