January Read – Cuba Diaries by Isadora Tattlin…

January 22, 2017

cuba diaries by Isadora Tattlin

When I was leaving Cuba I spoke with a girl who was reading Isadora Tattlin’s book Cuba Diaries that chronicled the early 90’s.  Isadora’s family moved to Cuba due to her husbands expat role and lived a very privileged life compared to the life a Cuban could access.  Formatted and dated as journal entries, Isadora shares openly her education of the way of life in Cuba and notes frequently her position bringing her privileged.  She describes her staff, their wants and needs, the impact the revolution is having on the population and the divide between those who work closely with tourists receiving tips and those do not.

For me the book was a great learning tool to understand in detail how the countries buildings have disintegrated, due to lack of window clasps, that led to wind and rain damaging plasterboard and lifting up tiles.  It also verified the relaxed Cuban attitude that I came across and surprisingly despite their being a relaxation of rules for Cubans, opening up of small business opportunities the Cuba I saw in 2016 does not differ greatly from the book written a decade ago.

If you are interested in the life of a Cuban or wanting to understand the country before you travel this year this is a book to invest in.

Enjoy PF xo

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