Weekend Away – Food and Dancing Places in Manchester…

September 18, 2016

A few weekends ago I traveled to Manchester for the best Hen’s weekend away with a bunch of girls I had never met before only knowing the bride.  The Maid of Honour who organised the our long weekend did a fantastic job, balancing some organised fun (!) with plenty of foody spots, some hilarious Dream Boys and lots of dancing.  Here are the places we went to eat and dance and some tips if you are planning a girls weekend in Manchester.  No photos because what happens on tour stays on tour right?!?!!!

Food.  The great thing about Manchester compared to London is that the venues are huge and they all have private rooms for groups which means you are tucked away with dedicated waiting staff.  Burgers were on the menu at Almost Famous with plenty of meaty options.  I chose the Big Gay Burger mainly for the technicoloured bagel that proved to be instagram worthy.  We didn’t make it to the Kitchen at Spinningfields but these food markets have a great reputation and allow your party to pick and chose what they want to eat and spend.  Trof were the most accommodating food venue after a night of drinking and dancing we changed their entire menu options and they didn’t blink!  I had the wild mushrooms on toast and the spice and way they were cooked was just divine.  My companions who had the full breakfast were very satisfied and the Veggie Breakfast with veggie black pudding intrigued us all.  Our final breakfast was at Home Sweet Home in the North Quarter where we entered our private dining room through a vending machine door.  This time I had a Full English and sampled some of the various fries on offer including Bacon Double Fries which have the most delicious burger toppings to bring them to life.

Dancing.  We had two nights in Manchester and on the first headed to Revolucion De Cuba, a space inspired by the communist country serving rum based cocktails with two dance floors.  We were a group of 13 so this meant going into the Havana Club Room and preordering drinks was easy to do.  It was nice to be able to move away from the dance floor into our own area as well during the night.  For our second night we stayed at Tiger Tiger which hosts the Dream Boys, the most hilarious budget strip show you have ever seen.  Full of screaming women who are celebrating birthdays or hens we all had a good laugh.  Tiger Tiger itself is across a number of floors and the top floor has a large dance floor and then some smaller rooms.  The best room played 80’s and 90’s music whilst we danced on the coloured square dance floor that changed as we danced.

Organised Fun.  We did one activity on the Saturday and MoH had organised us three bookings at The Escape Rooms where we all got locked in and had to answer clues to escape.  Our rooms were Prisonbreak, Slaughterhouse and The Mummy.  I was a little hungover and confused so when I was told I was in the mummy room expected lots of screaming children.  There was total relief on my part when it clicked that this was an Egyptian themed room and not full of small humans!!!  Wanting you to finish and get out of the room it was possible to get hints as we went along if it all became a bit much.  The team that were in the Slaughterhouse were the fastest, spurred on by dead bodies and those that went into Prisonbreak had to be handcuffed at the beginning.  We loved it so much we have organised another session in London with the same crew.

Have fun when you are next in Manchester and let me know what you did.  PF xo

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