The Secret Garden of Regent’s Park…

September 4, 2016

A few weeks ago I was on the tube eavesdropping on a fabulous couple who were dressed as if they had stepped out of the 1950’s.  She with her long skirt, red lips, curled hair and him with striped shirt, braces and oiled hair.  My ears pricked up when they mentioned their visit to a secret garden and a few moments later Regent’s Park.  I consider my knowledge of Regent’s Park to be top notch and this secret garden alluded me.  Familiar with the rose garden, the spot next to the tennis courts that the swans walk their babies and the perfect spot for a picnic near the open air theater I was up for the challenge of finding this garden.

A quick search of the online oracle produced only one other blog post and some minor details about the gardens of St John’s Lodge.  Venturing with a work colleague on a sunny London day we passed through the iron wrought gate and snuck down the ivy lined path that opened out to what were previously private gardens.  St John’s lodge itself is one of only a handful of houses literally on the doorstep of Regent’s Park.  Their gardens that are regularly opened to the public are of a formal design, plenty of well groomed hedges, the greenest, manicured lawns and beautiful flowers.  If the gate is open take the plunge and walk in!  Robert Shultz designed the garden as compartments that people could meditate in with plenty of compartments creating a rabbit warren effect perfect for reading, a romantic picnic or just somewhere to ponder your thoughts.

Hope you enjoy the pictures.  I am trying to use my camera on manual setting more rather then always relying on automatic.  Ignore the blur!!! PF xo

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