May Book Review – Making It Up As I Go Along by Marian Keyes

May 22, 2016

Marian Keyes Making It Up As I Go Along

The last few weeks I have felt that I haven’t really been reading as much as I was at the beginning of the year but having just gone through some old posts on this blog turns out I am not as behind in my life goal as I thought.  That is the great thing about this blog that there are some moments in my timeline that are now captured and easily referred to which will help in my later years when dementia hits, or doesn’t based on the current endeavours being achieved in science, or just when I am being ultra critical on myself and need a reality check.  I first started reading Marian Keyes work when she was part of the Girls Night In books and really loved her dry, Irish (very translatable to this Aussie) humour and her honest approach to her writing.  She does write plenty of romantic novels and I have sampled some of these but they aren’t really my thing, if I am reading one you know I am in a really dark space mentally and trying to claw my way out (it does help).  My preference is to Marian’s real life commentary and excepts from her magazine columns and her recent novel, Making It Up As I Go Along, ticks all those boxes.

In the pre ‘bought a flat’ days, sigh, they were good days of excess dresses and whimsical purchases, I had plenty of books lined up on my shelves ready to read not really caring about the money, space or dust collecting.  That changed this year when my budget became very fixed having moved into the new flat, everyone wants my money (!) and I changed my attitude to personal possessions having moved through various friends places and Airbnb’s for months.  Now I keep a short list in my budget sheet of things I am interested in and their prices for example a ticket to the play with Jon Snow or these Liberty Havaianas collaboration which look so cute!  This works well as I regularly update my budget, typically daily, so I can keep in mind things I am interested in vs what I am spending and priorities what is important to me.  After reading an article somewhere a few weeks ago I was prompted to remember the works of Marian Keyes and wondered if she had any books out.  Behold she did have a new collection of mainly unpublished works which was perfect for me as I have been disappointed before to read a collection that turned out to be a column of hers I was already familiar with!

Making It Up As I Go Along covers a number of topics including Health and Beauty, Travel and People Marian has Met often including Himself (her husband) and a band of family and friends who regularly feature within her writings.  With the ability to balance viewpoints on every topic from eyelash extensions, which I too am in love with, and Twitter addiction Marian will walk you through her seemingly typical everyday life with humour and honestly unlike other authors.  She is also very open about her thoughts throughout an experience and the first to put her hand up when she is wrong or has to apologise to someone about her behaviour.  I also like that Marian is open about her depression and how it plays a part in her life and what she does to work through it.  The books ends with a previously unpublished month by month account of one of her years which is hilarious and true to form has every member of her family suffering some drawn out illness!  If you are looking for something to read that you can keep picking up and putting down this is perfect as each story is a few pages long allowing you to read something quickly before bed or on your like me on your commute to the gym.

Happy reading PF xo

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