Bending with TaraLee Yoga and eating tips from Calgary Avansino…

May 8, 2016

I’ve got a couple of weddings this year and one has a very specific dress code that had me in such a panic I decided to book a personal shopping appointment at Topshop to try and solve my dilemma.  I had a great time in the shopping suite and now I’m on a list for events at Topshop #winning.  Today was my first intro to VIP event life with a bendy yoga session with TaraLee and a chat with Vogue fashion editor Calgary Avasino afterwards whilst we ate a yummy breakfast from Rooted.

Sneaking into the store pre opening hours it was hard not to be distracted and start checking out the rails rather then head to the personal shopping area!  Waiting for us was Tara with some new lululemon yoga mats, which we got to take with us (!), ready to go through a session that was inclusive for all including a brand new yoga baby.  It was like Tara knew what I needed as she took us through lots of back stretches and spine massages which helped to warm up my muscles and calmed my busy mind.  Her tips on which stretches to do after spending eight hours in front of a computer have been noted and I plan to do a sequence before bed most nights.  Tara was also very encouraging for anyone to start yoga despite their age and they would see benefits saying she had a 40year old touching their toes within a year.

Once we were all zenned out we sat in the personal shopping area and ate delicious boxes of avocado topped buckwheat bread, turmeric infused granola drinking green juices or cashew milk from Rooted.  Calgary then chatted to us about her new book, keep it real, and her plant based living philosophy.  Not one to dictate what should or shouldn’t be in your diet Calgary prefers to encourage a focus on more plants on your plate with meat as a second thought.  Her three steps to healthier eating start with a dedication to care about yourself and create a sustainable mental shift to eat better.  Next she reminded us that we are the captains of our bodies and in charge of what comes into the house so populate it with good things we will want to eat and purge what we don’t want to put in our bodies from the cupboards.  Lastly it is all about prep, typically on the weekends works for most people and realising that healthy doesn’t have to be considered hard.  The nugget I will take away is that each adult should ingest a maximum of 7 teaspoons of sugar and to calculate know that 4gms is one teaspoon when looking at the back of packets.

I had a great time thanks to Topshop Personal Shopping and walked away with a great little goodie bag that had my most favourite thing at the moment, Pip and Nut Cashew Butter!

Have a great week.  PF xo

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