Why I love using Lucy Bee Coconut Oil…

December 6, 2015

I love coconut oil!  A year ago I swapped using yellow oils like sunflower on the recommendation of a paleo nutritionist for cooking and I haven’t looked back!  You don’t need to use much and though it is solid it easily melts in your hands.

I have also started experimenting with using coconut oil as a beauty product.  For my hair it is a great deep conditioning mask to combat the English hard water.  You really only need one or two teaspoons and keep massaging it in the ends of your hair.  It is really tempting to feel you might need more then this and dig out a handful of oil but trust me on experience this is too much!  You will end up having to wash your hair three times to get it back to normal.  I also try and put this in a day before in the late afternoon so that it has nearly 24 hours to soak in.

As a body moisturiser coconut oil also works well.  It can possibly smell a little much for you if you don’t like coconut.  Again overnight works best for me as it has to absorb into your skin and this doesn’t work when rushing in the morning.  So much better to use then all of those store moisturises that have too many ingredients and chemicals in them.

The brand I use is Lucy Bee because it is easy to get on Amazon and at Sainsbury.  There are a few other brands out there but just make sure you check their ingredients as the less there are the better.

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