It’s moving day…

December 16, 2015

For the past year I have been waiting in anticipation for move into my own, new flat in London after sharing for five years and the time is here.  I am halfway through packing boxes, waved goodbye to flatmates and cleaned their rooms, given away furniture and spoken to the new tenants to help them sort out their move in.  I am totally exhausted and brimming with excitement!

It isn’t smooth sailing and in the spirit of being transparent I will let you know that the new flat isn’t ready but having given notice I have to leave my old flat.  This means that for the next month I will be couch surfing and living out of a suitcase.  The silver lining is that I won’t pay much in the way of rent or mortgage and it has forced me to be really ruthless when it comes to boxing up my goods and paying for storage.  This also means I might be able to afford a bed when I move into the new flat much to my mum’s relief!

So please excuse the short post as my mind is on other things, like putting doors back up, repainting walls neutral colours and redirecting mail.

Are you moving in the new year?  Would you prefer to live on your own or with flatmates?

PF xo

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