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December 13, 2015

Over the past year I have working on my fitness and challenging myself to really go hard and earn that sweat.  As my abilities have improved it has been harder and harder to find a class that I walk out of feeling like my muscles have been pushed to their limits.  Do you remember that show ‘You Are What You Eat’ and how they were always getting the person to to jump on a mini trampoline but warned them not to do more then 10minutes?  That is because the 10minutes is the same as a 40minute jog!  This is something that has always stuck in my head and a few years ago I even brought a a mini trampoline but it gets really boring just jumping up and down so it went in the garage sale!

Recently when I went to NY and did a class at Body By Simone I saw that they offered mini tramp classes.  Having already booked in for full body workouts I decided to try and see if there was something on offer in London.  At the same time within my family we been identified as having a hereditary disease called Lipoedema, google it but not when you are eating!  One of the ways to deal with this disease and prevent any of the serious symptoms is to jump on a trampoline so all signs were pointing to Rebounce, a twice weekly class in London lead by the energetic Missy.

Missy was an events planner in a previous life who loved to bust some moves on the dance floor and decided to retrain as a dance teacher a few years ago.  Her energy is infectious and as well as teaching at Dance Attic Missy runs her own classes teaching dance moves on the trampoline and in the new year will be starting classes that include glow sticks!  I’ll be straight up with you it is not easy jumping on the trampoline and doing a routine but all the regulars are encouraging and everyone is so focused on themselves no one notices if you aren’t quite getting it!

There is a level of trust and confidence in yourself you have to gain to know you won’t fall off and this took me at least four classes to relax into it.  Once you have gotten through the warm up which includes a billions sit ups (!) Missy starts taking you through four dance routines to different music pieces.  I’ve noticed when you first start one of the routines will just click but it is likely that at least one other well completely dumbfound you.  No stress just keep bouncing!  Halfway in we have a little twerk off and a cardio burst to get the heart rate really high.  The best bit is the end where you get to run the all the routines busting out your favourite moves.

Every few weeks Missy mixes it up with a new routine and music to replace one old routine which keeps the class fresh.  She even mixed in Christmas songs for the last couple of classes before the big day and she always has her fairy lights and spotlights to funk up the room!  So if you are looking for a workout in the new year that makes you sweat and gets your groove on come join Missy at Rebounce London.

What are the best dance classes you are doing at the moment?  Are you a fan of the mini trampoline?

PF xo

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