Merry Christmas and Reflections…

December 23, 2015

Its Christmas time and I am stretching out the last days at work filing paperwork from last February, deleting a million versions of powerpoint presentations from my desktop and eating too many Fortnam and Mason cookies which seem to have been the go to choice for presents from publishers this year!  In just over 24 hours I board a flight of the same length to land Boxing Day and spend the next two weeks with my family.  There are plans to redecorate my childhood dollshouse, two books I am keen to read which I know I will achieve with early morning jetlag wakeups and an 80th surprise party that we hope doesn’t result with a quick run to the emergency room.  Is it wise to surprise older ladies with secret morning teas?!  You will be updated!

This year I know I have changed dramatically and become a much more relaxed and considered person compared to the girl you might have encountered in 2015.  There have been dramas of purchasing a flat in the heated and competitive market of London.  This has then been overshadowed by the reality of my parents immortality and trying to support my family though a breast cancer situation when being over 10,000 miles away.  The realisation that I’d rather explore, write and photograph the world and document it here then buy a new dress or go out partying every weekend has made me incredibly happy.  I opened my heart and let barriers fall to tumble into a love that was flatly rejected that I have mourned and shed many tears over.  Friendships that I have been working slowly at for the the past few years are starting to bloom and I have two weddings to celebrate in 2016 and at least one hen’s party!

I’m really looking forward to 2016 and all it brings.  I will be back blogging as per the regular schedule late January but for pictorial updates check out my instagram.

Merry Christmas and safe holiday fun!!!

PF xo

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