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Hugh Hastings Travel Photography Tips

November 22, 2015


I love a freebie but really who doesn’t?!  So when my friend Shay from Earth Uncovered  gave me the heads up of free tickets to the The Luxury Travel Fair by Conde Nast, I was all over it.  I was incredibly curious to see luxury travel and expected private jets, personalised butler experiences and yachts!  It wasn’t quite that which I had in mind, but never the less it was clear what travel destinations are trending for next year.  There were also a lot of cruises which seem to be having their moment due to modern liners with Vegas like entertainment and Michelin star, all inclusive, food offerings.

Chic Collection had a stand promoting their group of independent boutique hotels.  It’s quite a nice idea as they offer the smaller businesses access to a larger marketing team and help bring business through the door.  Travel the Unknown offers tours to unique and lesser travelled areas including Iran, Bosnia and Ethiopia.  Having experienced the often challenging task of securing permits and permission to enter a country, founders David and Rahul devised Travel the Unknown to provide tourism to these areas without impacting them with mass tourism.

As part of the day there were a number of speakers including Hugh Hastings who gave a number of travel photo tips I thought I would share with you.  Here are his tips;

Use the rules of thirds.  When looking at your photo use the natural lines to cut the image into thirds as this is pleasing to the eye.

Put people in your photos.  Get to know people, talk with them and then you are likely to be taken into a persons private world to capture images.  It’s not unusual to give a token of appreciation of a few pounds or dollars in exchange and most people won’t take offence to this.

Take some stealth pictures.  Set up your camera and hold it so it hangs from your waist so you can click without anyone noticing.  If you are a manual user set the ISO to auto and to a fast shutter speed (500th) so that the camera takes focused images.  It can take a few tries to get this to work and a good image from it!

Take more then one photo.  The worst that can happen with digital is you fill your card up.  The best thing is that you get that magical picture.  This is how successful photographers get their great shots.

Night time shots require a tripod or this bean bag pod to steady the camera and take a great photo.

What are some of the best pictures you have taken?  Have you got any tips for readers?  

Hope you enjoyed and are encouraged to take more photos.  Hope this was helpful for you.  PF  xo

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  • Shailyn Shah-Desai November 23, 2015 at 08:35

    Great article! My top photography tip is to stay patient and observe surroundings. It may be that you need to return to the same spot later in the day to get the optimal natural lighting for your perfect snap.